At PPL Electric Utilities, nothing is more important than the safety of our workers, customers, and the public.

It’s why we’re so proud of our Good Catch program, which encourages employees to identify opportunities or ideas for safety enhancements. It’s just one of many tools we use to improve safety.

This year, for example, one employee, on a family walk, noticed a kite string handle that was caught in power lines with the string dangling. The employee reported the situation and we were able to safely remove it.

In another case, an employee noticed a utility pole leaning, apparently after being struck by a vehicle. This report allowed our crews to straighten the pole.

For each Good Catch identified, a donation is made to a Community Chest that accumulates over the year.  Our employees select organizations from the 29 counties we serve to receive a portion of the fund proceeds.

In 2019, we contributed to the National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Linemen, a group that supports the families of fallen or injured International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) members, including journeymen linemen, utility linemen, apprentice linemen, groundmen, operators and/or their spouses and minor children.

We also gave a contribution to the Wounded Warrior Project, which aids the families of wounded veterans, and the Ronald McDonald House, which supports the families of sick children.

We use several programs to educate the public about electrical safety. Among them:

  • Giving electrical safety demonstrations for first responders and other organizations with our Live Line Electrical Safety Exhibit.
  • Sponsoring electrical safety theater programs at schools across Pennsylvania.
  • Offering our electrical safety book, “How We Stay Safe Near Electricity,” to fourth grade classes in our service territory.

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