When we launched our “Change a little, Save a lot” energy efficiency video contest last month, we figured you would have some great ideas on how you save energy and money, and what you save for. What we didn’t expect was the overwhelming response to the contest and how close the votes would be to determine the winner.

We received 210 videos and nearly 17,000 votes. It came down to the wire, but after a fierce competition, here are your winners:

Grand prize: Morton & Priscilla from Locust Gap, PA

This husband and wife team converted an old church into their home. They shared that they were able to save more than $100 a month just by replacing old bulbs with LEDs. They also turn off lights, use natural light whenever possible, and they even added mirrors in their home to reflect LED lights. With the money they save, they love to restore historic buildings.


Second place: Laura from Quakertown, PA

Laura’s daughter helped her create a cute and witty video sharing their energy efficiency tips. Instead of turning up the heat, they wear extra layers. They use natural light whenever possible, work outside when the weather cooperates, and open blinds.  This family saves energy and money to enjoy special family moments.


Third place: Josue from Allentown, PA

This incredibly talented father-son duo created their own original song about how they save electricity.

Dad played the keyboard, while son sang about turning off unnecessary lights and water, and unplugging devices when they aren’t in use. Even more importantly, this youngster realized that saving energy doesn’t only save money, it’s also good for our planet.


Thank you again to everyone who took the time to enter the contest and vote!  We enjoyed watching each and every one of the videos and loved hearing your tips.

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