Dedicated. Reliable. Heroic. These are just a few words to describe our lineworkers and their commitment to keeping your lights on. 💡

We have a team of 350 lineworkers across our territory maintaining 50,000 miles of power lines. They take pride in what they do, working day and night to power our lives. But their efforts do not go unnoticed. In honor of Lineworker Appreciation Day, April 18, their families shared some heartfelt messages to show them just how much we all care.  

lineworkers’ job is not easy. It requires extensive training and skill. And most importantly- safety. Before they even step foot in the bucket truck, they have to gear-up with the following Personal Protective Equipment: PPL Lineworker dressed in Personal Protective Equipment; all equipment is labeled and described by safety purpose

Is there a special lineworker in your life? You can share a message to celebrate Lineworker Appreciation Day, too.

Thank a lineworker in the comments! And tlineworkers everywhere- we appreciate you!