Where would we be without education? 

We know it’s important to keep learning and growing to provide the best service possible to our customersThat’s why education is part of the fiber of our organization were committed to continuous learning. Teachers come in all forms, even at an electric company, and we’re grateful for ours.  

This Thank a Teacher Day, we recognize Sue Drabic, who recently retired from her role as a senior talent management consultant  PPL retiree, Sue Drabic

Sue dedicated more than 13 years of her professional career to building and teaching courses here at PPL. She joined our company as a technical, safety, and environmental trainerbut expanded her role by providing professional development training 

Thanks to Sue and her colleagues, we offer a variety of online and in-person training where employees can hone their skills in professional development areas, including: 

  • Situational leadership 
  • Time management 
  • Employee effectiveness 
  • Adaptation to challenging circumstances 
  • Innovative thinking 

These course offerings help develop lifelong learners and leaders.  

As long as you’re alive, you should be continuing to learn something new,” said Sue. “That’s what keeps you young.”  

We are grateful for Sue’s work, and we applaud the dedication of all our teachers and trainers at PPLWhat teachers are you thankful for?