How much is your home office costing you? If you’re working from home more these days, you may be leaving your office equipment on 24 hours a day. With electronics, power strips and lights, you could be leaking money right from under your keyboard. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you find ways to save energy and money so your home office can become efficient in no time.

  1. Shut down your monitor. Avoid screensavers and switch to sleep mode or shut your monitor off so it can run cooler and last longer.
  2. Seal hidden leaks. Air can escape around windows, doors, skylights, and other openings. If you add up all the hidden air leaks in your home, it would be equivalent to keeping a window fully open all year long! Check your window and door trims and seal them up.
  3. Light up your desk. Changing incandescent bulbs to ENERGY STAR®LEDs is an easy step to save on your energy bill and help the environment. Better yet, open your blinds and use natural daylight for all or part of the day.

Here are a few more tips to save energy throughout every room in your home:

Use smart power strips. Electronics and appliances that are in “idle” mode, or are turned off but still plugged in, draw power and waste energy. Smart power strips that have timers, sense when you’re in the room, or sense electric current, can reduce costs.

Power down. Turn off TVs, printers, and speakers when you’re not using them.

Check your ceiling fans. During the winter, run your ceiling fans in a clockwise direction at the lowest speed to force warm air down into your living space.

Keep the air flowing. Make sure that rugs, drapes, or furniture are not blocking airflow to heating registers or baseboard heaters.

From basements and attics to plumbing insulation and windows, there are opportunities to save hiding in every room of your home. We’re here with resources and rebates on lighting, heating, power strips, and more.

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