storms and outages

Jul 19, 2022 | Storms and Outages | 0 comments

Are you prepared for storm season?

Stay informed during summer storms

It’s summer, and that means storm season is here.

We want you to know that we’re prepared to continue delivering safe and reliable service in all kinds of weather.

One way we can keep the lights on through storms is with the investments we’ve made in smart grid technology. When an outage happens, our self-healing grid can sense the problem and automatically reroute power to restore as many customers as possible, almost instantly. This technology–along with replacing aging equipment with storm-resistant poles and wires and using data to proactively trim trees before they fall on wires–helps us reduce outages and respond quicker when outages occur.

We’ve also made it easier than ever to stay informed. You can customize your outage alerts to receive a phone call, text message, or email with updates on repair crew status and estimated restoration times if you lose power. You can also sign up for billing and payment alerts on our Alert Preferences page.

Even with the best preparation and information, storms and severe weather can cause damage and result in outages. We keep our outage map updated with real-time information on outage cause and estimated restoration times. You can help us by reporting your outage in a few simple steps on our Outages and Issues page.

No matter what Mother Nature throws our way, we’ll work as safely and quickly as possible to restore power.


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