Beat the heat with rebates for ENERGY STAR® products

Beat the heat with rebates for ENERGY STAR® products

Hot temperatures can impact your comfort and your energy costs. Keep cool and save with these helpful tips from our friends at ENERGY STAR® and rebates from PPL Electric Utilities.

1. Consider an HVAC upgrade. If your cooling equipment is more than 10 years old or needs frequent repairs and your energy bills are going up, it may be time to replace the system. Get rebates of up to $450 on ENERGY STAR certified cooling equipment through PPL Electric.

2. Install a smart thermostat. An ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostat saves energy by adjusting to your schedule and favorite temperatures. You can even control it right from your phone. We offer rebates of up to $100.

3. Insulate and seal air leaks. Feeling different temperatures from room to room? Updating insulation and sealing air leaks can keep the hot air out and improve the efficiency of your cooling system. Save with rebates of up to $700.

Check out more information on our current rebates.

Keeping an eye on electrical safety in Lancaster

Keeping an eye on electrical safety in Lancaster

Miguel Cabrera didn’t think twice when he saw a ladder leaning up against a power line on his way to a job site in Lancaster. 

He immediately parked his vehicle, put his hazard lights on and approached a man on the ladder to make him aware of the hazard. 

“I walked up to him and said, that ladder is up against a cable that’s energized,” said Cabrera, a journeyman electrician. “He said, ‘What do you mean?’ I said, it can kill you.” 

The man, who was using the ladder for work he was doing on a house, said he was told it was a cable wire, as opposed to an electric wire. He was apologetic and grateful that Cabrera took the time to make sure he was safe. 

Cabrera’s good deed was a great example of looking out for the safety of others. The situation also was a reminder to look up and make sure there are no wires nearby when setting up a ladder for any job. 

Ten reasons to check out the new

Ten reasons to check out the new

Have you visited recently?

Here are 10 reasons you should set up your online account today.

1) It’s easy: You can set up an online account at in three simple steps.

2) It’s mobile: The site is built for your mobile device, so managing your account is easier than ever on any phone, tablet, or laptop.

3) It’s convenient: With the site’s enhanced self-service areas, you can make everyday transactions without picking up the phone.

4) Pay your bill: Make a one-time payment or set up automatic payments, all in a few clicks.

5) Get bill help: Once logged in, you can answer a few questions to get customized payment assistance options.

6) Go paperless: Save money and time – and help the planet – by signing up for paperless billing.

7) Manage your energy use: Track your electricity use over time so you can take charge of your energy use.

8) Get moving: At you can start, stop, or transfer your electric service up to 40 days before you move.

9) Shop for supply: Find tips and tools to help you choose the electricity supplier that offers the price and service that’s right for you.

10) So much more: On you can report and check on an outage, explore our energy efficiency programs and rebates, learn more about electrical safety and more.

Don’t wait. Set up your online account at today!

Quick tips to help you save this summer

Quick tips to help you save this summer

It’s June, and that means summer is here. You can offset the summer heat by incorporating some energy efficient habits into your routine. Here are a few tips to help you save energy and money as temperatures rise.

Take advantage of shade. Blocking the sun’s warm rays can help lower your home’s temperature. Try planting trees or shrubs outside of your home’s windows, or purchase sunlight-blocking shades or curtains.

Keep hot air from leaking into your home. Seal openings with weatherstripping or caulk.

Install a smart thermostat. You can save energy with an ENERGY STAR® smart thermostat by setting temperatures to match your schedule. Leaving for a few days? Adjust the thermostat before you leave home or control it from your phone. We also offer rebates up to $100 for the purchase of a smart thermostat.

Check your HVAC air filter every month. Your heating and cooling systems use more energy than anything else in your home. Routine maintenance, like replacing or cleaning air filters, can lower your system’s energy consumption by up to 15%, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. If the air filter looks dirty, change it.

Use a ceiling fan. As long as indoor humidity is not very high, running a ceiling fan allows you to set the thermostat four degrees higher without a noticeable change in comfort.

Check out our Virtual Home Energy Assessment. A no-cost Virtual Home Energy Assessment is the perfect way to kickstart your energy efficiency journey. Your free virtual assessment includes a phone consultation with a trained Energy Advisor, energy efficiency recommendations, and a free personalized energy savings kit. For more information, visit

For even more tips and ways to save, visit

Student art shines a bright light on energy efficiency

Student art shines a bright light on energy efficiency

Students in kindergarten through eighth grade throughout our service territory shined brightly during the month of May as they were recognized for their submissions to the Bright Ideas Energy Efficiency Student Poster Contest and Innovation Challenge.

The annual contest gives students the opportunity to creatively showcase how they would save energy and help the environment and shines a light on education and sustainability tips.

From the large number of thoughtful entries, the panel of judges from PPL Electric Utilities and the National Energy Foundation selected 3 grand prize winners and 10 honorable mentions to be showcased online. The students also received prizes and parties for their classes. Additionally, program funds are reinvested into the classroom as a grant for the grand prize winner’s teacher.

Prior to the contest, students and teachers participated in an energy efficiency education presentation. Students used the lessons they learned, as well as their own ideas, to create their posters.

Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences Innovation Challenge winners

Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences Innovation Challenge winners

“I want to thank PPL Electric Utilities for the Think! Energy Innovation program that they have allowed the students to partake in,” says Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences teacher Greg Mazurek.

“It was a great opportunity for these young adults to educate and inform themselves about being energy efficient; I am immensely proud of their successes in this program. I also want to thank National Energy Foundation on behalf of the Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences, we appreciate their time and resources. Congratulations to the Innovation Challenge grand prize winners Kaitlyn W., Tegan O., and Josh P. Their incredible projects beat out competitors from over 60 other schools in the state. In addition, Danielle B. and Paige V. received honorable mentions for their work in this contest.”

We’re proud to partner with educators and to highlight local students who are inspired to work towards green living.

Below is a list of our poster contest winners for the 2021-22 contest season. You can also check out the featured poster entries. Congratulations to all the winners!

Grand Prize Winners
Ivy A. – Dunmore Elementary Center (pictured above with her brother, James, and teacher Michelle Walsh)
Mara W. – Twin Valley Middle School
Iccha B. – Springhouse Middle School

K-2nd Grade Honorable Mentions
Ethan W. – Schnecksville Elementary School
Brennan Y. – Schnecksville Elementary School
James A. – Dunmore Elementary Center

3rd-5th Grade Honorable Mentions
Penelope B. – St. John Vianney School
Alina B. – Dunmore Elementary Center
Riyan M. – Dunmore Elementary Center
Addisyn M. – Solomon Plains Elementary School

6th-8th Grade Honorable Mentions
Quinn P. – Executive Education Academy Charter School
Kenialys S. – Executive Education Academy Charter School
Nila R. – Springhouse Middle School