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Storm Updates

Power outage? Text “outage” to “TXTPPL” or report it online.

Our number one goal is to deliver safe and reliable service, but when big storms strike and damage equipment, power outages may occur. It’s never easy to be without power, but you can be rest assured we’re working to get all customers back in service as safely and quickly as possible.

Stay updated on your outage. Adjust your alert preferences. Whenever outages occur, we’ll do our best to keep you informed. Stay safe!

Power Outage?

Text "outage" to "TXTPPL" or report your outage online using the button below.

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Are you prepared for storm season?

Are you prepared for storm season?

It’s summer, and that means storm season is here. We want you to know that we’re prepared to continue delivering safe and reliable service in all kinds of weather. One way we can keep the lights on through storms is with the investments we’ve made in smart grid...

Reimbursement for ice and water

Reimbursement for ice and water

Customers who have been without power for 24 hours or more as a result of storms can now purchase ice and water from any local vendor and send us the receipts. If you send us your receipts, we’ll credit your account. Each customer can purchase a maximum of three...