Don’t dredge up danger – call 811 before every digging project

Don’t dredge up danger – call 811 before every digging project

If you’re breaking ground on a spring project – a pool, a new fence or mailbox, or landscaping work – don’t start any digging until you call 811. It’s free, simple and can prevent injuries and power outages.

April is National Safe Digging Month, which serves as an annual reminder about the importance of making safe digging a priority at every job site, regardless of the month. Calling 811 helps ensure that a crew will visit the work site to mark the existence of underground utilities, including underground power lines, so that those doing the work will avoid contacting them.

Pennsylvania law requires an 811 call at least three business days before digging with any power equipment. Once the call is placed, a crew is sent out to survey the area and mark it with spray paint and flags where underground utilities – power, water, sewer and gas lines and other utilities – are located. (The graphic at right provided by Pennsylvania811 shows the colors used to mark each type of utility.)

Common Ground Alliance (CGA), an association committed to raising public awareness about excavation safety, says hundreds of thousands of dig-ins to underground utilities occur annually. Those dig-ins have potential to cut residents off from critical services or cause injury.

What to remember

When calling 811, be prepared to provide the following information:

  • The county and municipality in which the planned dig is located.
  • The street name and address.
  • The nearest intersecting/cross street to the address.
  • Details of the dig site, including the area of the property where excavation will occur and what kind of work is being done.
  • When the project is scheduled to take place.
  • The name of the company doing the work (if applicable). (Contractors make their own 811 calls.)

If you see digging going on in your neighborhood and believe an 811 call may not have been placed (no paint or flags), make the call yourself to keep everyone safe and prevent damage to underground lines.

“Making contact with power lines, overhead or underground, can have devastating consequences, so we encourage everyone to call 811 before any digging project on their property,” said Doug Haupt, public safety manager at PPL Electric Utilities. “And remember: the law requires that call.”

Visit for more information on safety for contractors, first responders, kids and customers.


Know what’s below — It’s dig season

Know what’s below — It’s dig season

This is a guest blog post by Mark Santayana, project manager for PPL Electric Utilities’ Underground Facilities and Damage Prevention.

I love living in Pennsylvania! The character of the state runs the full spectrum of history and commerce, through the world-class cities of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to the bucolic serenity of Lancaster County and the great woods of the Northeast.

We’re also blessed with four unique and distinct seasons – Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter and Dig Season!

Typically, April 1 is the unofficial start of what is considered Dig Season in Pennsylvania. Of course, we all know April 1 as April Fools’ Day, but in my world as PPL Electric Utilities’ project manager for Underground Facilities and Damage Prevention, Dig Season and safe digging is no joke.

As warmer weather approaches, it is often pondered: What is the true sign that spring has officially, definitely, totally sprung? Some say it is the sighting of a robin. Others will point to the crocuses and tulips peeking through the earth.

The strongest indicators from our point of view are the daily, steady surge of dig notifications submitted to PA One Call by excavators, followed quickly by multiple sightings of yellow, blue, red and green flags and mark-out paint pinpointing the locations of underground utility lines throughout the communities we serve.

It’s also visible in the early morning presence of backhoes and augers accompanied by a small army of workers dressed in hard hats and high-visibility vests swarming the rights of way, highways and byways of the state’s road system.

This April 1 marks the fifth anniversary of National Safe Digging Month.

National Safe Digging Month is formally recognized by the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate and has traditionally earned the support of nearly every governor across the country.

We’d like to remind homeowners and contractors to always call PA One Call at 811 at least three business days before beginning any digging project. The first layer of defense for all excavations is to know where all the underground utility lines are located before you dig.

According to Common Ground Alliance data, an underground utility line is unintentionally damaged by digging once every three minutes nationwide, and one-third of those incidents are caused when no call is made to 811. During 2014, some 34 percent of all PPL Electric Utilities’ dig-in damages were a result of someone neglecting to call PA One Call.

We urge residents and contractors to “Make the 811 Promise” and visit The 811 Promise serves as a reminder to make the call and to also promote the importance of 811. The site features a real-time promise tracker that allows all site visitors to view the campaign’s progress.

We’re advocating The 811 Promise as a simple reminder to always call 811 to avoid accidentally striking an underground utility line.

Spring is traditionally the peak time of the year for digging, and calling 811 is the safe way to learn the approximate location of underground utilities that include gas, electric, phone, Internet, water and sewer.

Throughout April, we’ll be promoting National Safe Digging Month. Won’t you join us?

For more information about 811, visit  or

Call 811 Before You Dig – Know What’s Below.