Thousands of kids get fun electrical safety lessons

Thousands of kids get fun electrical safety lessons

Who says electricity — and learning about it — can’t be fun?

More than 5,000 children are discovering just how fun it can be, thanks to an entertaining and educational theater program we’re offering to schools across Pennsylvania.

The show, typically performed in school auditoriums and gymnasiums by actors, is now hosted via livestream, due to the pandemic, to ensure the safety of children and actors.

Actor dressed as super hero putting on electrical safety show

The latest performance — “Captain Wattage” — was pre-recorded and is being presented to 33 schools from April 27 and May 19.

“Captain Wattage” tells a superhero-themed story about the uses of electricity and how to stay safe around it, as well as how it is created. A livestream host introduces and recaps the information, and students and teachers can submit questions and responses through a live Q&A feature.

These events are supplemented by student playbooks, posters and a full e-learning package including games, activities, e-books, and hands-on lessons for students to enjoy even after the program concludes.

Over 105,000 children have seen electrical safety theater performances since the start of our program.