How does your attic measure up?

How does your attic measure up?

According to ENERGY STAR®, 9 out of 10 homes in the U.S. are under-insulated. To see if you’re ready for cooler winter temperatures, use the following steps to check your insulation levels. Then, you can earn up to $700 in combined air sealing and insulation rebates.

Diagram of how to measure insulationGrab some gloves, a ruler and a flashlight, head upstairs and check your attic insulation:

  • Visual check. Scan your attic to see if the insulation is level with or below the floor joists. If it is, chances are you need more insulation.
  • Measure up. Using a ruler or measuring tape, measure the depth of your insulation. 16”-18” of insulation depth is typically recommended for northern climates.

If your insulation needs an update, our rebates can help. We offer attic insulation rebates for 75% of the cost (up to $500 for electric heat and up to $200 for non-electric heat).

Before you insulate, consider updating your air sealing to improve energy efficiency and help prevent moisture and mold. We offer an additional rebate of up to $200 for air sealing, which can improve efficiency by up to 20%.

Plus, if you’re a PPL Electric customer, you can earn up to $350 in bonus rebates when pairing an attic insulation upgrade with other qualifying measures. Learn more on our Comprehensive Retrofit Bonus page.

Looking for some assistance? We can help you find a contractor for your next home project:

Not sure if attic insulation is right for you? Schedule a Virtual Home Energy Assessment:

There’s money hiding in your home. Let’s go find it

There’s money hiding in your home. Let’s go find it

It’s Energy Awareness Month! We could all use a few extra dollars these days. That’s why we’ve created a new interactive digital home tool so you can find the savings hiding in your home. Go ahead and explore. Click. Swipe. Rotate. You’ll discover rebates, offers and hacks to make your savings really add up. Now hop in, start saving and discover hundreds of dollars in rebates 

Let’s keep things simple with energysaving tips that are easy to do and easy on your wallet. Here are just a few ways to save energy in your home, from your kitchen to your living room and every room in between. 

Make the switch. Flip the switch.

It sounds simple, but if you haven’t made the switch to LED lightbulbs, you’re leaving money on the table. LEDs may look more expensive at the cash register, but they pay off. They have the same brightness as traditional bulbs, but they use 90% less energy and can save you up to $75 a year in electricity costs. Plus, they last 35 times longer than traditional bulbs.  

Get a thermostat with a higher IQ

When the temperature outside fluctuates, it’s easy to forget to change your inside thermostat or to know what temperature to change it to. A smart thermostat can help. These devices automatically adjust based on your behavior, your preferences, and the current temperature. And you can change your thermostat from anywhere using a mobile app. Install a smart thermostat and you could save up to $50 a year in energy costs. We even offer rebates up to $100 to get you started.  

You may be leaking money

Keep warm air from escaping your home this winter by installing weatherstripping. Even the smallest gaps can lead to big leaks. You could save up to 15% on your energy bill when you weatherstrip your leaky doors and windows. Check out tips on how to track down air leaks on our blog.

Save now. Save later. 

If the refrigerator in your kitchen — or even the one in your garage — was made before 1993, we’ve got bad news and good news. The bad news? You’re probably using twice the energy you need. The good news? We’ll pay you $50 for that energy monster and haul it away for free so you can upgrade to an ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerator. For more information on ways to save — including tips, tools and rebates — and to check out our new virtual energy efficiency home tour, visit 


Get winterized with cozy rebates

Get winterized with cozy rebates

Winter is coming. But you can take control of your electric bill with rebates on ENERGY STAR® certified products.

Up to $450 rebates on certified heat pumps: Heat pumps transfer heat into or out of your home depending on the season. That means you don’t need to use energy to generate heat in the winter or cool air in the summer.

$400 rebates on ductless mini-split heat pumps: Mini-split heat pumps can provide highly efficient, year-round heating and cooling in spaces without existing ductwork.

$400 rebates on heat pump water heaters: Like a refrigerator in reverse, a heat pump water heater captures heat from the surrounding air to heat the water in the tank.

Up to $100 rebates on smart thermostats: Many models can learn to automatically adjust temperatures based on your schedule and preferences.

Ready to cozy up to a rebate? Get started at

Savings in an instant

Savings in an instant

We’ve made saving your business money and energy even easier when you buy select energy-efficient equipment at participating distributors. PPL Electric Utilities customers can instantly save on lighting, HVAC, food service and agriculture equipment right at the point of purchase–no application or rebate forms required! Not only does the purchase of qualifying equipment save you money, but you’ll also use less energy, reducing your electric bill. Our PPL Instant Discounts Program offers multiple instant discounts on energy efficiency improvements, including:

  • Lighting: Upgrade to energy-efficient ENERGY STAR® or DLC LEDs and get instant discounts—up to $85 per product.
  • HVAC Equipment: Save up $900 per unit on ductless mini-split heat pumps, air source air conditioners and heat pumps and Packaged Terminal Systems.
  • Food Service Equipment: Get discounts up to $4,000 per unit on eligible equipment such as combination and convection ovens, dishwashers, fryers, ice machines and more.
  • Agriculture Equipment: Save up $1,000 per unit on qualifying high volume low-speed fans, ventilation fans, VSD controllers and heat reclaimers.

How to get your instant discounts Simply visit our website at to see our list of eligible energy-saving equipment, FAQs, and participating distributors. When you purchase from a participating distributor, your discount is applied instantly. If you’re unsure which product or equipment is right for you, our distributors can guide you with a solution that fits your needs. Have a favorite distributor who isn’t yet participating in the PPL Instant Discounts Program? Send us an email at with their contact information and we’ll reach out to see if they’re eligible.

Recycling pays off

Recycling pays off

Hanging on to an old fridge or freezer? It may be collecting more than just dust. According to ENERGY STAR®, keeping a second fridge in your garage or basement could add up to $80 a year in unnecessary energy costs—and even more if it’s an older model.

Luckily, our $50 recycling rebate makes it easy and rewarding to say goodbye. Just schedule your free fridge or freezer pickup and we’ll come haul it away to be responsibly recycled. Plus, you can also get $10 for each working dehumidifier or room air conditioner.

With in-home and curbside pickup options, there’s no cooler way to get $50.

Benefits of recycling your fridge or freezer:

  • Save space and energy.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Safely dispose of hazardous materials.
  • Save more than $220 in lifetime energy costs by replacing it with a new ENERGY STAR certified model.

Small appliance recycling drop-off events

If you have a working dehumidifier or room air conditioner you’d like off your hands, register for one of our small appliance recycling drop-off events. We’ll mail you a $10 rebate for each one you drop off and make sure to responsibly recycle it.

You can also join the waitlist to be the first to know of any upcoming drop-off events near you.

Replace, recycle and receive $100

We also offer rebates for new ENERGY STAR certified refrigerators, meaning you can get a cool $100 in combined rebates when you replace and recycle your old one.

Here’s how:

  1. Purchase an ENERGY STAR certified refrigerator.
  2. Apply for a $50 rebate.
  3. Schedule a free pickup to recycle your old fridge and get another $50.