Are you prepared for storm season?

Are you prepared for storm season?

As summer approaches, so does the start of the summer storm season.

We want you to know we’re prepared to continue delivering safe and reliable service in all kinds of weather.

One way we keep the lights on during storms is through the investments we’ve made in our Smart Grid. If an outage occurs, our self-healing grid can sense the problem and automatically reroute power to restore as many customers as possible, almost instantly. This technology — along with replacing older equipment, upgrading to storm-resistant poles and wires and using data to proactively trim trees before they fall on wires — helps us reduce outages and respond quicker if an outage occurs.

We’ve also made it easier than ever to stay informed. You can customize your outage alerts to receive a phone call, text message or email with updates on repair crew status and estimated restoration times if you lose power. You can customize those alerts and also sign up for billing and payment alerts on our Alert Preferences page.

Even with the best preparation and information, storms and severe weather can cause damage and result in outages. We keep our outage map updated with real-time information on outage causes and estimated restoration times. If your power goes out, you can help us by reporting your outage in a few simple steps on our Outages and Issues page.

No matter what Mother Nature throws our way, we’ll be ready. And, our crews will be there to work as safely and quickly as possible to restore power if needed.

Amp up summer fun with these energy-saving party power plays

Amp up summer fun with these energy-saving party power plays

It’s official. Summer has arrived. Time to heat up the grill, turn up the tunes and get the party started. To save energy and money, try these simple party power plays. 


Take it outside

Hosting a crowd indoors can raise your home’s temp and make your A/C work harder. Instead, invite your guests to grab a cold one, head outdoors for the real fun and close the door behind them. And while they mingle, you can relax knowing you’re keeping the party energy up and the indoor temp down.  

Grill, baby, grill 

Give your oven the night off and your A/C a break. Grill instead. Add some cold sides and you’ve got the perfect recipe for the hottest party on the block.    

Cool it

Let your fridge relax, too. Allow leftovers to cool completely before putting them in your fridge. Doing so helps prevent unnecessary heat from entering your fridge and causing it to work extra hard to lower internal temperatures. Another great idea opt for beverage coolers that can be filled and wheeled into place outside for partygoers.   

Go for glow

Keep a good party going. Place strings of energy-efficient LED lights or solar-powered lanterns throughout the yard to give it a glow. Then, to save even more, add a timer to automatically turn off the lights at the end of the night.   

Avoid getting soaked  

If your party involves a pool, take a closer look at your current pool pump. It could be draining dollars. If it’s making noise, is shutting off unexpectedly or is more than seven years old, it may be time to take the plunge and purchase a new, more energy-efficient model. We offer a $350 rebate on ENERGY STAR® certified variable speed pool pumps.  

Follow these energy-saving tips and your next backyard bash won’t just be fun, it’ll be budget friendly, too. 

Learn more about PPL Electric Utilities’ energy savings programs at


No A/C? No problem.

No A/C? No problem.

We want everyone to have a cool and efficient summer. But some days, when the air is thick and the temperature reaches 90 or above, it can be a challenge to stay comfortable without air conditioning.

Check out our video above. Give the tips a try. And stay cool!

Summer’s here: Seven ways to stay safe

Summer’s here: Seven ways to stay safe

The arrival of summer brings with it sun, fun and plenty of time spent outdoors, particularly when trying to catch up with projects around the house.

When tackling those household jobs, don’t forget to keep safety in mind, particularly around electricity. Statistics indicate that about 400 people are electrocuted each year in the U.S. and thousands more are injured as a result of electrical incidents. Summer is typically the prime season for those types of injuries.

7 Tips to help keep you safe while trying to check off all those items on your summer to-do list.

1. Be wise around wires. Summer is thunderstorm season, and while we’ve made significant investments in strengthening our system, fierce thunderstorms may bring down lines. No matter what the season, stay at least 10 feet away from fallen power lines and always assume that the wire is energized. Report the fallen wires to 1-800-DIAL-PPL.

2. Climb with caution. The summer months are a good time to do maintenance on roofs, trees, and shutters. When climbing ladders to do those jobs, be aware of any power lines that may pose a risk and avoid making contact with those lines. Always stay at least 10 feet away from those lines and make sure anything you are holding or touching is at least 10 feet away.

3. Before digging, call 811. Summer is prime yard work season. If a home improvement or landscaping project requires digging with power equipment, make a toll-free 811 call three business days before work starts to request a survey of underground utilities. Call 811 if it appears digging in your neighborhood is being done without a survey.

4. Keep power equipment away from water. If you undertake a yard project that requires power tools and extension cords near a pool, pond or water fountain, make sure to keep those devices and cords away from water and wet grass. Make sure that the cord used for the tool is plugged into a ground fault circuit interrupter.

5. Don’t overextend power cords. When cutting the grass or trimming weeds with electric-powered equipment, make sure extension cords aren’t damaged or frayed. Don’t overload them and don’t use multiple extension cords together.

6. Hold on to those balloons. Graduations and pool parties are summer staples. If your preparation for a party involves Mylar balloons, make sure to tie them down. They can cause power outages if they touch electrical lines.

7. Be cool AND safe. When you return indoors from a day of outdoor chores, you want a safe, properly functioning air conditioning system. Have a licensed inspector look over the system to make sure it’s operating safely and efficiently.

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Debunking lightning myths

Debunking lightning myths

Mother Nature’s electrical fireworks can be deadly. Nearly 50 people are killed by lightning each year in the U.S. and hundreds more are severely injured.

Courtesy of the National Weather Service, check out a few lightning myths and facts to stay safe:

MYTH: If trapped outside during a lightning storm, lie flat on the ground.
FACT: Lying flat just increases your chance of getting hit by potentially deadly ground current. Keep moving toward a safe shelter.
MYTH: If there is no rain or clouds, you’re safe from lightning.
FACT: Lightning has a long reach. “Bolts from the blue” can strike 10-15 miles from a thunderstorm.
MYTH: A lightning victim is electrified and you risk electrocution if you touch them.
FACT: The body does not store electricity and it’s perfectly safe to give first aid. Don’t be afraid to come to their aid. You could save a victim’s life.

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