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10 Father’s Day gifts that he can use for years to come

It can be really tough to pick the perfect gift for Dad. Every year I struggle to think of just the right way to show him how much he means to me. This year I want to get him something that I know he’ll use for years to come. And because I work for the electric company, I wanted to get him something that would be energy-efficient.

I’ve been doing my homework. Here are ten suggestions for the perfect gift for Dad. These items are energy-efficient and can definitely wow him with their “cool” factor.

  1. Battery powered lawn mower/reel lawn mower: Tired of the loud lawnmower sound and the smell of gas? Think about buying your father a cordless battery-powered lawn mower. They are easy-to-use and very quiet. Mother Nature — and your dad’s ears — will thank you.
  2. Solar-powered portable sound systems: Speaking of solar-powered devices, there are some cool portable sound systems available. What could be better than a day filled with family, sunshine and great tunes — all while saving energy?
  3. Multi-device charging dock/solar charger: Face it. Many dads are just as connected as we are. My dad has a work cellphone, a regular cellphone and an iPod. I’d love to buy him a multidevice charging dock because he can charge all of his devices at once, using only one cord! It would save him money, space and use less energy. I’m also thinking about buying him a solar charger so that he can extend the battery life of his devices while fishing, hunting, golfing or camping.
  4. Tablet: If your dad is into technology or always on the computer, think about buying him a tablet. A tablet can use less energy than a regular desktop computer or laptop because it is not always constantly plugged it. You can even buy an attachable keyboard for easier typing use.
  5. LED lighting systems: Look for LED lighting systems that use wireless technology to allow Dad to change the light color from his iPhone or iPad – anytime, anywhere! These systems can be programmed to brighten when he wakes up or match the color from one of his favorite photos.
  6. Cordless tools: Buy Dad some new “toys” and get him cordless power tools. Not only will he enjoy the ability to use the tools anywhere around the house or outside, he will not be tripping over any cords!
  7. OLED TV: Does Dad love watching the news, the big game or movies? Upgrade his TV to an OLED TV and he will experience better and brighter images, along with more contrast and vivid colors. OLED TV’s are thin, have a faster refresh time and require less energy than an average television. Dad will feel like he’s actually on the field!
  8. Pressure cooker: Is your dad looking to spice things up in the kitchen? Buy him a pressure cooker! It is one of the most energy-efficient cooking appliances and quickly cooks food. If you’d like, buy him a pressure cooker recipe cookbook to show him all the delicious things he can make with it.
  9. A new grill:  Another energy-efficient cooking appliance is a grill. Buy him some new grill accessories if he already has a grill, such as a grilling tray to whip up some healthy and great tasting vegetables. If he does not have a grill, look at portable grills because they are small and easy to transport! He will be grilling amazing steaks in no time.
  10. Solar cooler: Make a fishing trip or visit to the beach even better with a solar-powered cooler. Dad will appreciate having cold beverages and ice. Plus, many solar coolers feature a cord to play music.


What are your plans for dad this year? #Dad #HappyFathersDay


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