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Jul 31, 2015 | Safety and Security | 13 comments

Don’t be baited on rebates

Scammers are at it again

Scammers are at it again – and this time, it looks like they’re trying to target our rebate programs.

Some customers say they’re getting calls from a person claiming to be with PPL. The caller says they have rebate checks for the customer that haven’t been sent out yet.

We don’t handle rebates that way. The companies that run these programs for us just process and send rebates at appropriate times. They don’t call customers as part of the process.

If you get one of these calls, hang up. Don’t provide your customer information or agree to make any payment in exchange for these phantom “rebates.”

If you participate in a rebate program and have a question about your status, you can always call us. Information on all our rebate programs – including appropriate contact numbers – can be found here.


  1. Donald Shifflett

    Thanks for the site I just got one of these calls

  2. Karen Quick

    I just received a call also a bout rebates,I did not answer.

  3. John

    I just got a call tonight from a foreign sounding individual. After I wouldn’t give the guy any of my info he hung up. I called back and a different young man who sounded local who I would say has no involvement with it answered. We chatted a min and he confirmed it was his cell number and had had the number for some time. Could have been the scammer pretending but I didn’t get that feeling. Scammer was offering a $50 rebate for the next 12 months because I had been over charged by the supplier.

    • Alecia

      Good Morning, it sounds like you were called by a supplier trying to market to you for the generation and transmission portion of your bill. We do encourage our customers to shop for a supplier, please review more shopping tips at Thank you!

  4. MagWil

    The Jerks called me at 7:42 in the evening. When they started their story, I said, “what’s you scam?” They hung up. Jerks!!!!

  5. C. Fehr

    We get at least one or two calls a day concerning a rebate check from PPL. Another scam.

  6. Lisa Reedinger

    Hi..i had a call earlier regarding “my rebate check from my electric & gas company”.. that part was a recording, then a foreign sounding man w/several voices also in the background speaking, started talking to me… he had NO CLUE of my name/or IF i even had an acct w/Ppl.., he asked me to get my last electric bill… I said ok, got it. He was all, i WILL HOLD, PLEASE GET UR CURRENT INVOICE, Ma’am…again, I HAVE IT. Ok…he said he has my rebate cause i was charged too much (in recording for both electric & gas!) So.. said by how much was I overcharged??…he couldn’t tell me.. UNTIL I GAVE HIM MY ACCT ##.. , NAME, ADDRESS, ETC…. I said, now wait… YOU CALLED ME, Y SHOULD KNOW WHO I AM???…. U THINK I. GIVING MY INFO OUT TO YOU….
    I’M NOT.
    I hung up on him!!!
    The ## was in PA.. MT. HOLLY SPRINGS (717)-486-6326.

  7. Cannot Be Fooled

    These calls are nationwide. I live in Chicago and get them once a week or so. The recording claims that my electric company has overcharged me because of a third-party supplier, and I can get a rebate check if I press 1. No way would the electric company act that way; they would simply put a credit on next month’s bill. The other red flag is that they say that this rebate will be good on the electric bill OR gas bill. Here these are 2 different companies, no connection at all. Plus, they don’t even use the name of the electric company; a legitimate call from a legitimate business will start by saying, “This is a call from Com Ed” (the name of the electric company here).

  8. Wendy

    Just received a call that said I would get a rebate of $50 for the next 36 months from PP&L. Unfortunately, I have a co-op and nothing on my bill is from PP&L.

  9. T.

    I keep getting a call about getting a refund for over priced service – what I didn’t like is that he had all may information (I did not give him anything). He even had my account # – that is concerning to me. Has there been a data security breach? How would they have my name, address and account number? Maybe it was a legitimate call? He refused to let it go until I finally just hung up on him.

  10. Tom

    These are calls from from Delhi or various locations.

    They call up and use a generate a false caller ID. This is often to look like a real number so you pick up the phone and often a false number they can refer to or if you call back is not them, often disconnected.

    common scams
    IRS refund
    overcharged for IT (Microsoft firewall)
    car warranty is about to expire.

    they will all try to connect to a computer and refund your bank (not really but editing what you see) and require gift cards to refund them the money you were refunded in excess. supposed to get $250, they type $2,500 and want you to refund them by cards $2,250.

    Once on your computer they will often if you are resisting, set a boot up password locking you out of your own computer.

    1) do not let them have access to your computer.

    2) if it’s a utility or major company, or anyone else that you do business with (say a credit card refund from Amazon), just contact amazon or your credit card from the number on the card itself and ask them. do not supply information to anyone who calls you and can’t provide simple information like your name or account number or address.

    be safe as these calls increase as people need money now and are more likely to jump and bite that fishing hook.

    • Kathryn

      Good Morning Tom, We really appreciate you taking your time to provide significant details and examples on scams of all natures that everyone should be aware of! Excellent job and thank you!

  11. Susan Banks

    We just got a call from someone claiming that we will be receiving a rebate on our electric bill. The problem with this is we don’t us According to their web site they don’t do the rebate program by calling you. It is a scam.


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