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Jun 16, 2017 | Safety and Security | 62 comments

Three common scams – and how to stop them

A friend of ours had an embarrassing experience with would-be scammers not long ago.

Her parents, who were visiting her home, answered a phone call in which a scammer claiming to be PPL threatened to cut off her power immediately if she didn’t pay. Her parents became concerned and called her at work, asking why she hadn’t told them she was in financial trouble.

She wasn’t. In fact, she’d paid her bill online, and her account was in good standing. But the phone call caused her — and her parents — more than a little worry.

At PPL Electric Utilities, we’re trying to stop scammers who steal our name. We don’t want them to steal from you.

Door-to-door solicitors claim to represent us. (They don’t.) High-pressure phone callers say PPL will cut off power in an hour if you don’t pay. (We won’t.)  We’ve seen reports of phishing emails that pretend to come from PPL, as well.

We’d like all these people to keep our name out of their mouths, and our security team works with police to pursue them. But, until they’re caught, the best thing we can do is share information on how to spot scammers. This advice can help you spot swindlers who might pretend to come from other companies you trust, too.

So share these signs of scams with anyone you know who can use them. We don’t want anyone to be taken advantage of.

Door-to-door energy marketing

In Pennsylvania, you have the right to buy your energy supply from a competitive supplier, rather than have PPL Electric Utilities supply it. You may be able to save money by paying a lower rate than the one we charge. (No matter who you buy your energy from, it will be delivered safely and reliably over our network.)

You should know, though, that we don’t endorse any one supplier over another. And those door-to-door solicitors who promote energy suppliers do not represent PPL. In fact, they’re required to specifically tell you that they’re not working for us.

Our advice? Don’t be afraid to buy your energy supply from another company – but the best place to start is our shopping website, You can also go to the state Public Utility Commission’s site at to compare our current price, called the “price to compare,” to those of other suppliers.

If you want to listen to door-to-door salesmen and see what they have to offer, you can. But we recommend that you not sign anything before checking, where you may find a better offer. And don’t provide your PPL account number to anyone.

Phone scams

Phone callers who impersonate PPL give themselves away by doing two things we don’t.

They claim they’ll cut off power immediately if they don’t get paid. And, they pressure you to pay them by buying prepaid cards. (In real life, we’ll give plenty of notice when there’s a possible risk of shutoff, and we don’t pressure anyone to use specific payment methods.)

You can always check your account status by logging on at or calling us at 1-800-DIAL-PPL. If you get a suspicious or threatening call that claims to come from another company – like a utility or a bank – do the same thing: Hang up and contact the company directly using a trusted method, like the phone number on your monthly statement, or a website you know belongs to that company.

“Phishing” emails

A “phishing” email is a message that tries to get you to share personal information, such as account numbers. Some phishing messages can look a lot like the emails sent by real companies you know and trust.

Here are ways to keep yourself off the hook: First, hover your mouse over any link in the message. Read the URL that pops up, and see where the link really goes. Does it go to a site you trust, like Or does it go someplace you’ve never seen before?

Also, if the message says there’s an urgent problem with your account, don’t click. Instead, contact the company directly through a trustworthy channel to check your account status. They’ll let you know if you really have anything to worry about.


  1. Nicole

    Received a call today about an “important matter” regarding my “electricity supply charges” asking that i call back with my bill and account information available. I thought it seemed weird so I logged into my PPL account and there were no alerts. I am assuming this is a scam so I wanted to report it. The number that called was from Phoenixville PA 484-302-4129 asking that I call back 848-300-4149.

    • Ppl customer

      I received the same type of phone voicemail. Claims to be an electric supply company calling to discuss what was noticed, in regards, to my electrical supply charges on my recent statement and to return call with invoice and billing information available; they even noted a reference number for statement. I also checked my account and there was no alert or claim with any such reference number. Similarly, it was a Phoenixville, PA area code 484-302-0707.

      • Emily

        I received a similar call today and a voicemail. The number was (717) 482-5015 out of Hummelstown, PA, and it asked me to call the same number.

        • Harry

          I too have recieved calls from this number, and have got e mails too. Which always goes into junk mail.

        • melanie wells

          Also received a voice mail from a Mrs. Murdoch. Same thing… Reduce charges

          • Mae Wenner

            I also received a call from the same Mrs. Murdoch and same phone number which I reported to fhe fcc today. I had my answering system on and recorded: “This is Mrs. Murdoch from PPL. I have an urgent call for you. Please return my call at 717740-8347 and have available your latest bill received by mail.
            Since I felt this was a scam I called 1-877-382-4357 and filed a complaint with the FCC.
            The federal government can stick it’s nose in our business when not needed, but for years are doing NOTHING about these scam calls.

          • Kiera

            I got the same message – from a Mrs. Murdoch with same 717 callback number – that is how I found this page by doing a search for the phone# to verify validity.

    • Sheryl Duff

      Had the same Voice Mail message…..

    • Sheryl Duff

      I recd the same Voice Mail……never called them back…

  2. Carol

    I just tell them I do not do business over the phone or with anyone that comes to my door uninvited. I thank them and then I hang up or shut the door.
    Another thing that sometimes ‘throws them off their stride’ is to ask for their local permit to solicit door to door from our board of supervisors.

    • Stacey

      A person who barely spoke English said I was overcharged on my utility bill, that I was charged a commercial rate. Said he was from PPL. He wanted me to get a copy of my electric bill… I told him I thought he was a scammer. How do they get our phone numbers? It’s very annoying.

  3. Judy

    I just received this VM
    This is Regina calling to follow up about a notice on your PPL electric utility account. Please call me back immediately with the recent statement received by mail at 1-484-246-7306.
    number called from was
    717 937 7051

  4. Melissa Berrell

    In Camp Hill PA – My mom recently got a knock on the door and a guy said he was returning per their agreement to look over her electric bill “like they did last year” and would she mind going and getting it? She of course declined – and he of course was not there last year!…She gave him a seething “NO I will not!” and he promptly apologized and left …however how many elderly might think they did indeed discussed in the past!? Obviously this was a ploy to have her switch providers or worse intentions. I told her if it happens again, tell them to wait and go to the phone and call the cops! Be aware and pass the word!

  5. Jane Snukis

    I received this email today and have never contacted them or anyone else to change – is this a scam?
    IGS Energy via
    4:52 PM (9 minutes ago)

    to me

    View this email as a web page.

    IGS Energy

    Dear IGS Energy customer,

    This email is a confirmation that your My Account user profile has been created.

    To complete the setup of your My Account, please click the link below within the next 48 hours to establish your password and profile details:

    My Account Profile Setup

    If you have any questions, please feel free to call 888-995-0992, Monday – Friday 8am-8pm, and Saturday, 9am-3pm EST or email

    Thank you,

    IGS Energy Choice Department

    Privacy Policy | Manage Communication Preferences | My Account

    This email was sent by: IGS Energy
    6100 Emerald Pkwy Dublin, Ohio, 43016, USA

    • Kurt

      Jane: If you were receiving supply from Talen Energy, Talen recently decided to stop selling power to residential and small business customers. Customers who had been receiving supply from Talen have been switched to IGS of Ohio (with no change to their terms of service). A news story about the transition can be found here:
      If you were not receiving energy supply from Talen, we don’t know why you would have received information from IGS Energy.

    • Melissa

      I keep getting a call from someone stating that I overpaid and immediately asking for zipcode for money back. I never give out personal information
      Asked for my name and address
      I said, this sounds like a scam call and he started laughing. Insisted that it wasn’t
      Called 2 days in a row now..
      How do they get my number!

  6. Martha

    Thank you for this well-written warning to the public: clear, concise, informative. I received a call today which went to voice mail ( I never answer calls from a number I do not know or a city I do not know.). Call was from 717-937-7051 and caller ID said the city was “United States”. Voice message was about an “important matter” regarding my “electricity supply charges” and said to retrieve a mailed statement and call them back at (513) 449-6432. I googled the first number and got this page. I live in Ohio and Duke is my supplier. My phone number is on the Do Not Call Registry. I wish Congress would pass legislation to get tough on these spam robocallers and put them out of business. They prey on a lot of innocent people who may not have our skills to find this page and protect themselves.

  7. jill Walter

    Our business received a call today, the number on the caller ID said it was PPL Electric and was the phone number for PPL. Guy said his name was Juan Delacruz and that we were being disconnected because we were three months past due when in fact I knew we were not. I asked for supervisor and was “transferred”. The same guy came out trying to disguise his voice and stated he was the disconnection department. I told him I was hanging up and calling back to PPL only to find that they closed at 5PM EST. It was 5:17 Pm. SCAM

  8. Janet

    Just got a call from someone saying they needed to talk to me about the supply portion of my utility bill. They asked me to call them back at: 570.904.8993, and even gave me a reference number! They told me to have a copy of my utility bill ready when I call.

    Problem is, they didn’t say WHICH utility bill. And they didn’t give their name, or identity a company.

    Can you say PHISHING?

  9. Richard C. August

    The 1991 Telemarketing Consumer Protection Act, a Federal law, requires that consusers not allowing certain companies to solicit their business via telephone clearly request removal from their calling lists. Examples of these clear requests include “please remove my number from your calling list” and “take my name and number off your calling list.”

    Once you request removal, the telemarketer AND the company for whom s/he works must place your number on a “do not call” list immediately. The company is now forbidden to call you for TEN YEARS FROM THE DATE OF REQUEST under penalties of fines and/or imprisonment.

    The law is now modified to include electronic means of removal request, such as pressing a number, or adding your telephone number to State and Federal “do not call” lists for up to 5 years.

    The system is far from perfect, though using the TCPA the right way helps millions of people get protection from scams.

    Another good rule, especially for senior citizens who have Caller ID on their phones, is to not answer calls from people they do not know. Let those calls go to voice mail. Most of them hang up anyway when they don’t hear “hello.”

    Some people opt to greet callers by saying their names when someone calls. Use this method with discretion. It throws callers off, though it does let them know your name, and can be a bit unfriendly.

    Finally, most phone services allow customers to block unwanted calls by phone number or anonymity. Use call blocking to keep those strange callers away. It really works!

    • Lisa

      Yes, call block does help. I do it every time I get a call from a hang-up or a scam call. However, I do answer my phone whether I recognize the number or not. Here’s why: My then 16 year old son and two friends were sledding at their high school about 10:00 at night. It was blizzard conditions. One friend was at the bottom of the hill and could not be seen. Meanwhile, my son and the other friend were held up a gun point, with the gun cocked at his head by a pair of hooded juveniles. They handed over their phones and wallets. The perpetrators fled. The friend at the bottom of the hill came up. My son used his cell phone to call his father who was a police officer (but not for the municipality they were in). His father did not recognize the phone number and did not answer. They then called 911. But it really irritates me that he did not answer his phone. It’s not like someone is going to reach through the phone and strangle you. Just my thoughts…

  10. Jessica

    I had a solicitor who was trying to get me to change energy providers, I am new to PA so I had no idea this could be normal. The problem is that they had me believe they worked for a company that owned PPL, asked to see my bill, wanted me to provide my account number and wanted to come in the house. I gave him an incorrect account number to “pull up” my account and when there were no issues, I realized that something was wrong. He called in to someone else and then that same person called me on my phone, who then told me that she wanted to confirm that I wanted to change my energy provider, which at no time in our conversation with the guy at my door did I agree to. I told her no, hung up and then told the guy to leave because I didn’t appreciate being tricked. He then told me that he gets college credits if he gets me to change….that is when the door was shut and locked. I understand he was doing a job but it seems like it should be illegal to try and trick people into changing providers.

  11. Sam

    Wow. I’m new to paying for utilities (recently graduated college), so I had door man from come by and give me his pitch about how I can save so much money switching to them. So I did. Well I just saw that they will up my utility price next month from $0.0749 to $0.09158. Luckily I saw this email and caught it early and can terminate without penalty. I will be switching a better priced supplier ASAP.

  12. Tom Washic

    I got a call from Mitch Morgan who claimed to represent PPL. “Mitch” had a thick Indian accent to the point I asked him to repeat everything he said. I told him I didn’t believe him and hung up. He called back! He asked what I didn’t believe. Really Mitch?

  13. Margaret Sandano

    I use Nomorobo, this allows scam calls to be cut off after one ring. Try going to follow the directions on their site. It saves me a lot of time answering calls from unwanted calls. Thanks PPL for looking out for your customers.

  14. Robert Harter

    Received a call from Kyle Johnson at PPL 18002109011 concerning rebates. Is this legitament?

    • teresa decker

      ppl will not call you, they will send you a letter in the mail.. the same guy called me wanting my ppl account number, because he wanted to give me rebates because i over paid. he was trying to steal my electric i believe. i hung up on him.

      • Rose

        I just had a robocall with the same scam. I hung up.

  15. Al Guzzo

    I just stay with PPL I have never had a problem, the few cent’s I can save is not worth changes. I did it once gave me a cheaper rate soon as the 3 months were up the rater went way up, I learned my lesson. As long as I know I have paid my bills it is no problem, I just hit delete or hang up, I am sure if there was a problem PPl would get InTouch with you with your Information, If they don’t have it>>> SCAM

  16. Ron S

    You can go to Reverse Whitepages, put in the phone number of who called you, proving you have Caller ID, and it will tell you if it’s from a scammer.
    I use it all the time.
    Another way to stop them is get yourself a Call blocker. A good one is a little expensive but worth the money. I put one on my phone and I rarely get a call from a scammer anymore and if I do I can block it and they can,t call me anymore.

  17. Virginia Boob

    We received a knock on our door from a Sperian rep. Told them we were not interested. Young lady told me 3 times that she was hungry, could we give her lunch. A neighbor had given her candy, she told me. Asking her if she was serious about being hungry, what was to be done but bring her in, give her a lunch and send her on her way. While we did this, it seemed rather out of character for a true rep. We did report this event to the State Police. From that person on the phone, it was a polite scolding for not giving a sandwich thru the door and sending her on her way. Guess we should have done that. Nonetheless, a lesson learned here and maybe an alert to someone else.

  18. Susan

    I receive the call telling me there is a problem with my ppl bill. Usually the day after I’ve paid it.
    I’m so used to them now that I annoy them so much with how I handle the call that they hang up on me.
    Be informed though that now I receive the calls saying it’s AT&T. I worry the elderly will fall for this scam. Please keep children and parents informed, in a way it will help.

  19. Gail Wilson

    I was reading your information on scamming just this morning; and when I got to the “door-to-door energy” part, I remembered a visit we had last year from two fellows who came to our door with badges on and said they were here for PPL. They talked about different rates and that we could have a contract that would save us money, but then they wanted to see our bill and come in the house to write a proposal. I was really leery, asking again if they were from PPL, which they confirmed in a confusing way. It really felt like a scam to me, and I didn’t want to let them in the house for sure, so I said we weren’t interested. They kept trying but finally left.

    Just after lunch today, (amazing coincidence) a man came to the door and started trying to convince us about better energy rates. I don’t know if he said he was from PPL because my husband answered the door, and he was on his way to work. He kept pushing to talk with him and show him all kinds of information on his tablet, but I cut it short by yelling to my husband (from upstairs) that he was going to be late. He told him we weren’t interested, but the man kept talking. He finally had to ask him to leave, and he did.

  20. Hank

    I had an energy supplier come to my door saying they were representing PPL and asked to see my electric bill to confirm my rate. I told him if PPL wants that information they can call me or better yet, they should have it! I sent him packing..

  21. Sarah M.

    I had a door to door solicitor I’m my apartment complex (which is in direct violation of the clear posting on the sign at entrance) repeatedly claiming to be a representative of PPL…in fact she even told me she was a supervisor from PPL. During her conversation, it became clear to me something wasn’t right. She stated “since your account was not up to dated, your electric cost will go up this month” and yes she said “up to dated” lol. So she said I had to speak with her supervisor and say yes to everything he said no matter what. Another red flag….the supposed supervisor then asked for my account number and then so quickly that I had to ask him to repeat himself, he asked if I understood they are not affiliated with PPL and if I agreed that I would pay .11/kWh…I said no way, I only pay .5 now! She proceeded to argue and tell me that I’m paying PPL’s rate of .80/kWh, I had to argue back and tell her that is .08 not .80 and I already had a provider and only paid .05. I am new to pa so I didn’t understand how any of that worked at first but very quickly realized these people were scammers and I nearly fell for it. She disappeared very quickly before I realized I should have called the cops. I was so angry because I was so close to falling for it and do blatantly lied to. I hope these people are caught soon.

  22. Theresa Fasig

    I recently received several calls saying my electric company needs to discuss my bill. They said it was very important due to certain charges make on my account. They said to call back with my bill information. I checked my account and nothing looked a miss. I think this was a scam.

  23. PPL Customer

    Keep a whistle by the phone and blow it into the receiver on these callers. There’s not a whole lot more we can do.

  24. PPL customer

    We have received multiply calls from a caller who claims to be a PPL supplier . He barely speaks English that is understandable. The # he is calling from is 1-570-865-4199. It is annoying and we keep telling him that we are NOT interested. I hung up on him once and he called back and said, “What? You hung up on me? I have important information about your bill.”

  25. George Bluhm

    A pair of solicitor showed up at my door claiming to be Hired by PPL. They had the requisite clipboard and name tags.
    They only left when I threatened to call the police.
    This happened in Highspire Pa 17034 about 5:00 or diner time.

  26. Wendy Young

    Someone just contacted us saying they were from customer service and to call this number to check our account status that it was in serious delinquency. 717-862-2061. Since this was a local number & I knew our account was paid to date because the payments are out of our account and I also checked the website as well for our account balance. I told them it was not in delinquency and that I would turn their number into the police to stop them from scamming. I feel sorry for the people they do catch who would not be able to check their account easily.

  27. Heidi Moser

    Wanted PPL to know… when a scammer claiming to be from PPL came to my door on May 30, I reported it to police. He was cited. I don’t know if PPL can also take action against him for pretending to be from PPL, but here’s the info:

    Javier F. Vasquez, age 25, of the 1st block of Weaver Road, Lancaster, PA was cited by Officer Clay Smoker for violating the Manor Township Ordinance which requires persons to obtain a soliciting permit at the Manor Township Office prior to making contact with Manor Township residents. On Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at 1225 hours Officer Smoker was called to the 400 block of Post Oak Road in the Wood’s Edge Development for a report of a male going door to door soliciting for an energy company. Vasquez did not have a soliciting permit and Officer Smoker filed a citation at MDJ Joshua Keller’s office.

  28. Peggy Ibaugh

    I received a phone call from someone stating that they were from my Supplier. I started asking her questions like “if you are from my supplier, what is the name of my supplier? I asked her this question numerous times and she never responded. She kept saying “it’s the same company”. I told her I know she isn’t from my supplier and hung up on her. She kept yelling “it’s the same company” right up until the time I hung up on her. Unbelievable!

  29. teresa decker

    last month a person called said he was from ppl, he wanted my ppl account number, he said i over charged and he wanted to give me rebates, i gave him a hard time. he yelled at me, just give me your ppl account number nowww! I said hey why should i give you my account number? do you even know my name? he was getting aggravated with me, I think he was trying to steal my electric. I hung up on him then.

  30. Lorri

    Received a mailing from Grid One solutions re: someone coming to our door to discuss future installation of a new meter. Legit or not?

    • Kurt

      Lorri: Yes, Grid One Solutions is a company PPL Electric Utilities has hired to help with the replacement of customers’ meters. More info is available at

  31. SHAIK

    someone knocked my door today saying they were from SFE Energy which is part of PPL and made me sign a document. I was requested for the account number and then they told i would receive a call and have to confirm my details (which i dint do). Just wanted to know if its a SCAM. I called their customer care centre and told them i am not interested. They said do not have any of my information but requested to call and check tomorrow to cancel it as the document said “YOU MAY CANCEL THE AGREEMENT AT ANYTIME BEFORE MIDNIGHT OF THE THIRD BUSINESS DAY AFTER RECEIVING THIS DISCLOSURE BY CONTACTING THE COMPANY IN WRITING, ORALLY OR ELECTRONICALLYA”

  32. Priscilla

    Just received a call which sounded like a foreign call center. They make it sound like a collection call. The caller id# 215-639-5128 . He asked me to repeat my response ‘yes’ and I explained I do everything online. The caller I d read Steve Wany… this same type of call happened last week asking for one of our children…and I explained we are on the Do Not Call List.

  33. Magpie

    Came home to some guy standing on my back porch with a clip board and “ID” hanging from his neck. No vehicle in site. We thought he was one of those election rooters, so I wound down my car window and told him he was too late since we already voted. He said he wanted to talk to the person that pays the PPL bill. Then told me to park my car when he found out it was me. I told him, “I’ll do no such thing..this is my property and I’m perfectly comfortable talking to you while I sit in my car.” (I was afraid he might have buddies hidden somewhere ready to pop out.) He told me he just wants to see the right side of my bill. I asked him, “Why, what’s wrong with it?” He said he just wants to see it so I told him since he can’t tell me what is on the right side of my bill, he’s not getting a hold of it. (I wouldn’t have given it to him anyway, because I don’t like people coming to my house that I do not know.) He told me he worked for a supplier and PPL is just the carrier, but never told me which supplier. I said, “So what?” He said, “Well then you will just pay more for your electric, because you won’t let me do it.” I told him, “I don’t care, I’ll pay more money….It’s none of your business, now get off my porch and go away!” My hubby just sat there and laughed at me, telling me I did a good job. I was taught to be weary of people coming to the door, especially if there is no vehicle.

  34. Alison J Palmieri

    Every time I get a call about getting a better rate in PPL I tell them I am not interested and to take me off their calling list. EVERY TIME I tell them to take me off the calling list they hang up before I am finished making the statement. EVERY TIME I tell them they’ve been calling me they say they didnt call! For 3 weeks 2 times a day they still call! This is ridiculous!

  35. Karen

    For weeks I’ve been getting calls on my cell phone about protecting my PPL bill. Since I never gave them or use my cell for calls to PPl I knew it was a scam. I block each number but they still call. We also get them on our land line but today the message actually used the name Richard Bradley. My caller ID showed the number calling was 1-833-889-8966. The message informed me they were calling about my account with American Power PPL and a new secured rate that was added to my account to price protect our bill. To receive the special rate I was to call 1-717-962-3161. BTW: we don’t have an account with American Power.

  36. Maggie

    Received a message at work concerning we did not pay our electric bill, again.
    The numbers that call come up on the caller ID as PP&L ( 800-342-5775) and we are asked to call the credit
    department to make our account current with in 30 minutes or the power will be turned off . The credit department number is: 866-305-5796.
    Please stop these callers as we are getting this particular call 4x a week and its over bearing .

  37. Faith

    Today (10/17/2019) I got a call from 717-554-8992, which began “This is an apology call from PP&L. You were overcharged by your third-party provider and are entitled to a rebate. Please press ‘1’ to receive your rebate check.” I hung up and placed a “block call” on this number. (I have so many blocked numbers from spam calls, not sure it’s even effective any more.)

    • Tina

      Yes! I keep getting them! How do we get rid of it? I waited to see who would answer and of course it was Indian and when I asked what company, I got hung up on! I hate these annoying calls and want them to stop!

  38. Lynn

    I am currently staying in a campground (work/camper) that is charging $.18 per kilo/hr!!! Is this even legal? Im told the ppl rate is $.07. I paid more for my electric in my camper than my house!

  39. me




  40. Bob

    This article is informative, but its title is misleading.

    Yes, it describes THREE COMMON SCAMS.

    But there’s not a word about HOW TO STOP THEM.

    About three times a day, I get the robocall saying “This is an apology call…” Every time, the scammers spoof the calling number. They are obviously calling from India or Pakistan, so US law can’t touch them. Is there any way to stop them, other than cancelling my land line?


    • Kathryn

      Good Afternoon Bob, We understand how frustrating these phone calls can be. As you know, PPL does not solicit customers and we cannot control companies & individuals that contact customers. We encourage our customers to reach out to the PUC (Public Utility Commission) at 1-800-692-7380 and the Office of Attorney General at 717-787-3391 to report deceptive or scam activity. Also, if you have not already, you may want to put your phone number on the National Do Not Call Registry under Thanks for reaching out to us!

  41. Matt

    I keep getting calls from them. I was overcharged by ppl and they want to send me a $50 rebate. if this was at all true, why the hell would they call me about it? they would mail it to me. they are trying to get information from people, but not getting it from me.

  42. mike courogen

    I got a call today telling me I was going to get a 30% discount and a 50 dollar gift card for paying my bill on time. Said he was from pp&l but sounded like this man was Far Eastern in accent. Was this to good to be true. When he said he needed my account # from my pp&l bill i dropped his call.

  43. PPL customer

    I received a text message today from:
    717- 431-5989. Saying they were shutting my power off because of late payment I began to panic because it is winter and they said they were
    Shutting it off tomorrow morning if we did not pay through our bank accountt. Our account was “red flagged” and it had to be done this way only. Something was off, I began to think clearly and went to look at my bill. The due date was 2 weeks away and im in good standing!! . SCAM!!
    BE CAUTIOUS and always check with PPL with any doubts!! These criminals almost got my bank account numbers.

  44. SS

    I just got a call and voice mail message regarding “the supply charges on my electrical bill” Joanna and my record ID number is E18331. I can’t believe that people are still doing this.

    the number that called was 717-789-1016. I wish I would have answered–I would have said, “hold please while I access my account online to verify what you are telling me” LOL


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