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Oct 17, 2019 | Reliability | 1 comment

An innovative idea leads to more reliable service

Bold idea. Big battery. Better service.

We’ve never been afraid to experiment with new technology or implement innovative ideas if it means more reliable service for our customers.

So as soon as battery technology became more advanced, our engineers were excited to launch a program within the PPL territory, specifically along a line in the Harrisburg region that experienced outages in the past.

These batteries, connected to the grid, will instantly kick-in when customers are out of power and can keep the lights on for 6 hours or more!

The Harrisburg battery project is the first of its kind on the PPL grid and we’re already looking into other regions that would benefit from this technology.

This innovative solution is a huge plus for power quality and reliability for our customers.  And batteries are just the start of ensuring a safer, more reliable and resilient grid.

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  1. greg meyer

    Congratulations on your successful project!

    As a utility engineer, I am interested in the size of the service/load that this battery is backing up, and for how long the battery can serve the load. Also, are you able to share ballpark cost?

    Thank you!

    – Greg


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