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Feb 12, 2020 | Energy Efficiency | 0 comments

Shopping for Savings with Boyer’s Food Market

PPL Energy Efficiency Rebates + Quick Payback = Big Savings for Small Businesses

John Boyer may be the second-generation owner of a small grocery chain in Central Pennsylvania, but there is nothing old-school about the way he runs his business.

He takes a fresh approach to keep his stores up-to-date and make sure his team exceeds customer expectations. In that spirit, John recently completed a total remodel of his location in Hazleton, one of 18 Boyer’s Food Markets in eastern Pennsylvania.

With the help of PPL’s Business Energy Efficiency Program, John was able to control project and ongoing costs by saving energy.

Among other efficient improvements, John upgraded the store’s outdated fluorescent lighting to efficient LEDs. This not only resulted in significant energy savings, but it ensured that the store would be properly lit to provide customers better visibility to the products on the shelves.

With the rebates offered through PPL’s Business Energy Efficiency Program, John decreased the store’s lighting costs by an impressive 49%.

“Our resources are kind of limited – we need to pick and choose and use our capital as efficiently as we can. These kinds of projects where you can see the immediate payback to the bottom line, they’re winners,” Boyer noted. “When we can save money, put it in the bottom line, it helps us to upgrade the rest of our stores and bring them up to the speed that today’s customer demands.”

Want to be more energy efficient but fear the upfront cost and time? PPL has you covered with flexible business energy efficiency rebate programs.


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