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Student Poster Contest Turns Saving Energy into Art

Local kindergarten through eighth-grade students put their art and ideas on display in the annual Bright Ideas Energy Efficiency Student Poster Contest and Innovation Challenge. This annual event focuses on sustainability education and gives students the chance to share their art and creative ways to make a positive environmental impact.

Each student put together a unique poster to showcase ways they can save energy at home and in their daily lives. Before crafting their posters, students and teachers participated in an energy efficiency education presentation hosted by PPL Electric Utilities. The presentation covered all kinds of sustainable solutions, from recycling and turning off lights, to using solar power and renewable resources.

After the presentation, students used what they learned to create their masterworks in the form of bright, colorful and educational posters. While everyone who participated is a winner, a panel of judges from PPL Electric and the National Energy Foundation selected four grand prize winners and seven honorable mention teams to receive prizes and recognition. Prize funds also go back into the classroom through mini grants for teachers of the grand prize winners.

Students and teachers shared their thoughts on the event and the meaningful learning opportunities it presents each year.

“I love having my freshmen work with partners to complete a Think Energy Innovation project,” said Ms. Anne Bleistine from Lancaster Catholic High School. “It is a great way to promote curiosity about their own use of electricity and the greater world around them. The project promotes thinking skills, planning and execution to complete and share their project with classmates for editing and refinement.”

“PPL [Electric] has offered my school an engaging and informative presentation over the last few years,” said Ms. Erin O’Neill from Schnecksville Elementary. “Each year, my students and I look forward to this learning opportunity… This year, two of my students earned an honorable mention for their hard work and talent. As a reward, they both earned an Amazon gift card and a pizza and ice cream party for the class. My class unanimously declared it ‘The Best Day of the Year!’ PPL [Electric] did an outstanding job not only keeping my students informed but also sparking their creativity and finding ways to keep the conversation going throughout the year.”

PPL Electric is honored to once again be a partner and host of the Bright Ideas Energy Efficiency Student Poster Contest and Innovation Challenge. You can find the full list of winners for the 2023 contest below and see featured posters here. Congratulations to all the participants and winners! Looking to save energy in your own home? Explore ways to save.

Grades K – 2nd

Grand Prize: Conlan (Ms. Franceschelli, Moscow Elementary)
Honorable Mentions: Piper (Mrs. Moyer, Danville Primary School) and Cora (Ms. Simpson, Kratzer School)

Grades 3rd – 5th

Grand Prize: Sophia (Mr. Basom, Twin Valley Middle School)
Honorable Mention: Kylie (Mr. Druckenmiller, Lincoln Elementary), Gabriella & Jaxon (Mrs. O’Neill, Schnecksville Elementary)

Grades 6th – 8th

Grand Prize: Maggie (Mr. Abrams, Springhouse Middle School)
Honorable Mention: Joshua, Veda & Yihan (Mr. Abrams, Springhouse Middle School )

Innovation Winners

Grand Prize: Jadyn (Mr. Mazurek, Hazleton Area Academy of Science)
Honorable Mention: Isabel & Constance (Ms. Beistine, Lancaster Catholic High School), Ceci (Mrs. Stonikinis, Holy Cross High School)


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