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Jul 6, 2023 | Energy Efficiency | 10 comments

Claim tax credits and bonus rebates for your home energy upgrades

Bundle savings for your home

Did you complete a home improvement project this summer? You can bundle our standard rebates and bonus rebates with tax credits to maximize your savings. Pairing tax credits with our rebates is a great way to save extra on energy upgrades that improve the comfort, health and energy efficiency of your home.

Learn how you can bundle rebates, bonus rebates, and tax credits.

Projects that may qualify for a federal tax credit and a rebate from our rebate program include:

  • Air-Source Heat Pumps
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters
  • Insulation and Air Sealing

These projects are all part of the ENERGY STAR® Home Upgrade, which includes the highest-impact, most energy-efficient improvements you can make in your home.

Whether you’ve already completed energy-saving upgrades in the past year or you’re planning ahead, remember to take advantage of federal tax credits. You may qualify for up to $3,200 in federal tax credits this year. Visit to learn more.


  1. Cecilia Venery

    I would like someone to come and maybe check my house and help with the insulation as I am disabled live on a fixed income and cannot afford it. Thank you.

    • Kathryn

      Good Morning Cecilia, Please read about & complete a WRAP application online under An alternative is to complete a WRAP application by speaking with a member of our WRAP program weekdays 8am -6pm at 1-888-232-6302.Thanks!

  2. june George

    I installed a heat pump in my home 2 years ago.
    I was not aware of a rebate prgram.

    Please advise.

    Thank you
    June George

    • Kathryn

      Good Afternoon June, Please read about the rebates offered for heat pumps & the specific heat pump criteria that qualifies for a rebate under If you have additional questions, please call our Rebate Center weekdays 8am-5pm at 1-877-486-9204. Thank you!


    my house burned down in 2022. are there any rebates for new installation in my new home? had oil now heat pump. had hot water tank now propane on demand hot water. energy efficient new refrigerator, dish washer, led lights, ect.
    new log home more efficient.

    • Kathryn

      Good Afternoon Jay, Please read about the rebates we offer and the criteria that qualifies for each rebate under If you have additional questions, please call our Rebate Center weekdays 8am-5pm at 1-877-486-9204. Please read more about our WRAP program & apply if you meet the guidelines under Also, check out regarding recycling of old & purchase of new refrigerator. Thank you!

  4. Sam Armstrong

    Do you offer or plan to offer in the future rebates for solar panels?

    • Kathryn

      Good Afternoon Sam, We currently do not offer rebates for solar panels. Certainly check back for updated rebates under Thank you!

  5. Susan Lucente

    Are there tax credits for a new energy saving washing machines?

    • Kathryn

      Good Morning Susan, Projects that may qualify for a federal tax credit and our rebate program include:Air Source Heat Pumps,Central Air Conditioning, Heat Pump Water Heaters, Insulation. Learn more about energy efficiency federal tax credits & rebates for washing machines under Thanks for reaching out.


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