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Aug 11, 2023 | Reliability | 0 comments

From festivals to fairs and concerts to community days, PPL Electric is proud to power our area’s major events

Preparation, planning and timely response is key to making sure large events are enjoyed by all

Events like Musikfest in Bethlehem and the Little League World Series in Williamsport are some of the largest that take place in our area. And while a large amount of preparation and planning goes into them on the event side, PPL Electric Utilities is also busy preparing to make sure that these events are successful.

Before a song is played or a home run is hit, our team creates a plan that is as unique as each of the individual events we support. This includes contingency plans in the unlikely event that an outage occurs. Crews also conduct system checks that include things like power line patrols and infrared inspections — using advanced technology — to ensure that everything is working properly and that we catch any potential issues before they become a problem.

As each event begins, our control center operators keep a watchful eye for anything that may pop up and are well prepared to handle any issues thanks to operating software that allows access to all the event’s details and contingency plans that were prepared ahead of time.

And, while power outages can occur, our advanced smart grid can help to reroute power and help us more accurately and efficiently get crews to where they need to be for quicker repairs. In some cases, depending on the event, we often have crews stationed onsite to ensure everything goes smoothly.

“[PPL Electric] comes through and makes sure everything is ready to go,” said Greg Cryder, electrical bureau chief of the City of Bethlehem. “They test and verify that we don’t have problems. We depend on PPL Electric, and they deliver.”


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