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PPL Electric Utilities safety program reaches 10-year milestone

We’ve helped teach tens of thousands of children how to stay safe around electricity.

An entertaining in-school theater program that PPL Electric Utilities uses to teach youngsters long-lasting lessons about electrical safety is 10 years old this year, a milestone that demonstrates the program’s popularity and the importance of teaching valuable safety lessons.

PPL Electric is offering the entertaining, energetic and engaging performances between Feb. 20 and March 15 to teach elementary school students about electricity, how to stay safe around it and how to identify dangerous situations. More than 14,000 students at more than three dozen schools are expected to participate. At the completion of the current tour, more than 160,000 children across PPL Electric’s 29-county service territory in Pennsylvania will have participated in the program since its inception.

The 30-minute program features a performance by actors from The National Theatre for Children, a Minnesota-based company. While the performances were offered virtually for a period during the COVID-19 pandemic, the actors generally perform in-person in school gymnasiums, auditoriums and cafeterias. And the feedback from teachers tells the story of how popular the program has become.

“This was a great, engaging and educational program,” one teacher wrote in a survey following a 2023 performance. “The kids loved the entertaining show while also learning about electrical safety.”

Another teacher added, “The actors interacted with the students, and they were captivated from the moment the show began. I can assure you that the children retained the information because we were driving down the road and my 1st grader saw a transformer and yelled out, ‘Stay clear!’”

The most recent performance, titled Space Station Safety, is set in an alternate reality that features an Earth colony on Mars. Two actors use props and jokes – lots of jokes – to teach students about what electricity is, how it’s used, and, most importantly, the dangers of electricity and how to stay safe around it.

Schools are given supplemental digital education materials that include e-books, digital games and activities themed around the program so that teachers can discuss electrical safety with their students.

“We pack a lot of really important safety messages into the show and seeing the students’ engagement and enjoyment is always very rewarding,” said Doug Haupt, manager of Public Safety. “Reaching them at such a young age will help ensure they stay safe around electricity throughout their childhood and well beyond.”

PPL E-Smart Kids

We want all kids to be safe around electricity. That’s why we offer the PPL E-Smart Kids website, where children can learn the principles of electricity and important safety skills they need to prevent injuries and save lives. They can also play interactive games, conduct fun experiments and complete hands-on activities. Visit for more information.


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