Winter storm: Latest updates on our response

Winter storm: Latest updates on our response

Power outage? Text “outage” to “TXTPPL” (898775) or report it here.

Update: 1.10.24, 4:30 p.m.

As of 3:30 Wednesday afternoon, about 8,750 of our 1.5 million customers were without power. Since Tuesday afternoon, 65,000 customers have been restored from the original 73,750 customers without power.

We have brought in additional crews to supplement our efforts. Our crews began working Tuesday morning and will continue to work around the clock to safely and quickly restore power as soon as possible.

Update: 1.10.24, 10:00 a.m.

Storms caused widespread damage and power outages across our service territory Tuesday afternoon into the early morning on Wednesday. As of approximately 7:30 a.m., about 12,600 of our 1.5 million customers were without power.

Our crews began working Tuesday morning and are continuing to safely restore power to customers who are experiencing outages. We are bringing in additional crews to supplement our efforts.

Because of the scope of repairs, full restoration could take until Thursday for some customers, although many customers will get power restored sooner, as crews work around the clock to repair damage.

Continued wind could result in additional outages through this afternoon. We encourage customers to stay safe and report any outages.

Update: 1.9.24, 11:00 a.m.

An incoming storm is expected to bring heavy rain and winds across our service territory from Tuesday morning into Wednesday afternoon. We’re closely monitoring the forecast and are prepared to respond to storm-related power outages.  

Our dedicated team is ready to respond to any issues that may arise, and we are bringing in additional workers to assist in any restoration efforts that may be necessary. We’ll work as safely and quickly as possible to assess damage and restore power to all customers who are impacted.  

We’ll be posting updates on this page throughout the storm. You can adjust alert preferences to receive a phone call, text or email at to stay informed during a storm. If you experience an outage, report it by visiting,texting “Outage” to TXTPPL or call 1-800-342-5775. 

While we’ve prepared for possible outages, we want you to be prepared too: 

  • Charge your cell phones, portable chargers and other electronic devices so they’re ready to use in case of an emergency.    
  • Prepare or update your emergency kit with food, water, medication and pet supplies.   
  • Remember that candles can start fires. If you lose power, use flashlights instead. Now is a good time to check your flashlight batteries.   
  • If you have a portable generator, test it to make sure it’s working, but never operate it in an enclosed area, like a garage, where carbon monoxide fumes could accumulate.    
  • Assume any downed power line is energized. Stay clear by at least 100 feet and keep kids and pets away. If you see a downed power line, report it immediately by calling 1-800-342-5775 (1-800-DIAL-PPL).  


Seasonal safety: the eight do’s of decorating

Seasonal safety: the eight do’s of decorating

Safety for our employees at work and safety for our customers is our priority. Throughout the year, we host a variety of programs to encourage safe practices, including presenting theater performances for children, hosting a traveling safety exhibit and publishing a children’s book.

This time of year, as we adorn our communities and homes with colorful lights and cheerful decorations, it’s important to keep safety in mind. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are 160 decorating-related injuries every day during the holiday season.

We’ve put together a list of eight simple tips to help you stay safe and jolly:

  • Decorate by daylight – Always hang decorations during daylight hours.
  • Care for your cords – Keep your cords clean and unharmed. Use plastic or insulated clips to secure your cords instead of nails, screws or tacks. Make sure all outdoor cords and plugs are weatherproof.
  • Look for damage – Throw out any damaged light strands and replace them with LED strands. Check wall sockets, wires and any loose connections.
  • Lighten the load – Be mindful of your electrical load. Follow manufacturer guidelines for how many sets of lights can be safely connected to your outlets and extension cords.
  • Ladder matters – Always carry ladders parallel to the ground and look up for power lines before positioning your ladder.
  • Space it out – Place holiday trees, candles and decorations at least three feet from fireplaces, portable heaters, radiators, heat vents and candles. You, your decorations and your equipment should always be at least 10 feet from power lines.
  • Night’s out, lights out – Turn off your holiday lights and decorations before leaving home and prior to going to bed.
  • Direct traffic – Avoid running extension cords under rugs or in high traffic areas.

The holidays are meant to be merry and bright, and we want you to spend these moments with those who mean the most to you. Following these tips will help keep you safe and keep your focus on the season.

Deck the halls and do it safely

Deck the halls and do it safely

Deck the Halls and do it safely.

Fa la la la la, la la la la.

The holiday season is upon us. It’s the time of year for fun, cheer, and holiday lights! With all the hustle and bustle of the season, it’s important to keep safety — particularly electrical safety — at the top of your holiday list.

Did you know that nearly 5,000 people visit the emergency room each holiday season due to indoor and outdoor electric decoration mishaps, according to the United States Consumer Product and Safety Commission?

Don’t be part of that statistic. Here are six tips, courtesy of Electric Safety Foundation International (EFSI), to keep you safe while decking the halls:

  • Check it Twice — Be sure to check strings of lights for broken bulbs, cracked sockets or loose connections. Also check each decoration’s electrical cord to ensure they are not frayed or cut.
  • Easy There Clark — When hooking up electrical holiday decorations, don’t overload circuits, outlets, or extension cords with too many plugs. Remember to always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for how many sets of lights can be safely connected. Too many strings can cause a potential overload, which is one of the leading causes of house fires.
  • Up on the Rooftop — When stringing up outdoor lights, always use a dry wooden or fiberglass ladder and stay clear of any overhead powerlines. You, your decorations, and your equipment should be at least 10 feet away from powerlines at all times.
  • Hang them with Care — When hanging electrical holiday decorations, don’t use nails, screws, tacks, or staples to hang them. Piercing the cord could damage the wire’s insulation and cause electrical shock or fire. Try using plastic or insulated clips instead.
  • Home Alone — If you are leaving the house, be sure you turn off your holiday lights and decorations. And do the same when you’re sleeping. Using an automatic timer can make it easier to turn everything off, or on, precisely when you want to.
  • Bah Hum-Rug — When decorating indoors, don’t run any extension cords under rugs or carpets. Plus, be sure to discard any older, outdated, or damaged extension cords to help prevent the risk of a fire.

Don’t let something preventable ruin your holiday season. A little bit of preparation can help you make your season bright, and most importantly, safe.

A powerful commitment to community in 2022

A powerful commitment to community in 2022

At PPL Electric Utilities, we power 29 counties in Pennsylvania. This isn’t just our service territory, it’s our home. It’s where we live and work. It’s where our children go to school. We’re all neighbors.

That’s why we’re proud of the support we’ve provided to our communities this year – and our commitment to continuing these efforts for years to come. Here are just a few examples of the ways we’ve brightened lives in 2022.


Throughout the year, our employees give their time and talent to support organizations they’re passionate about, including volunteering on 100+ nonprofit boards. Additionally, in 2022, there were several organized efforts during which our employees and their families could support our communities.

Man and woman plant a tree

In April, more than 150 employees planted trees, created trails and more during Earth Appreciation Month. Organizations and locations we supported included Wayne Grube Memorial Park, Hays Elementary, Lehigh Valley Zoo, Pool Wildlife Sanctuary, Northcentral PA Conservancy, Louise Moore Park and more.

This fall, over 200 employees and their families participated in United Way Day of Caring events serving nonprofit organizations in the Lehigh Valley, Harrisburg, and Benton. Participants helped complete projects at the Sixth Street Shelter, Camel’s Hump Farm, Lehigh County Humane Society, Phoebe Allentown Health Care Center, and other locations.

Supporting STEM education

One initiative about which we are particularly passionate is supporting STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education. From the Mifflinburg Science Festival in Union County to the Summer Reading Program at the Whitehall Township Public Library in Lehigh County, and communities in between, we’ve helped offer students many new opportunities to flex their brains in 2022. Find out more about our support of STEM education programs.

We know that it’s more important than ever to engage students in STEM disciplines from an early age, and that’s one of the reasons we continue to support efforts like the PPL Foundation’s Cover to Cover program and Empowering Educators grants, which support and encourage teachers to provide hands-on STEM learning experiences. Learn more about the 2022 Empowering Educators grant recipients.

Keeping communities safe

Electrical safety exhibit outside

We take our commitment to electrical safety seriously. In 2022 alone, our Live Line Electrical Safety Exhibit, which demonstrates the dangers associated with electrical lines, reached 9,500 first responders and others. The exhibit has reached over 57,000 since its creation in 2016.

Captain Wattage addresses an electric safety worker

This year, more than 10,000 students in 60+ schools learned about electrical safety from “Captain Wattage” during a show we developed in partnership with The National Theatre for Children. That show has reached over 125,000 kids since 2015 via livestream and in-person performances.

Illustration of PPL Electric employee and a child

We also distributed thousands of free books on electrical safety for students, a program that has impacted more than 43,000 kids since its start in 2018.

Lending a helping hand

Older woman empties dishwasher

With prices rising in industries across the board, some customers are having trouble keeping up with their bills. That’s why we’ve supported customers with payment assistance and other programs, and provided tips and tools to help you use less energy. Check out our new 360 interactive tool to find the savings hiding in your home.

Going green

Osprey lands on a platform

Protecting the environment is another critical part of our community commitment. We want to keep our winged neighbors safe and thriving, all while protecting the natural beauty of Pennsylvania. We’ve built nesting platforms to protect birds of prey, and we consider the environmental impact of everything we do.

PPL Electric emplyees stand by a sign at a festival

Since our Community Roots program started in 2017, we have given away over 127,000 trees and pollinator plants to help stabilize streambanks, beautify neighborhoods and provide important habitat for birds, bees and butterflies. Over the past year, we’ve connected with thousands of people at dozens of Community Roots events at fairs, concerts, festivals, schools, land conservancies, and conservation organizations in places like Allentown, Bloomsburg, Catawissa, Honesdale, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and Williamsport, to name a few.

As we look ahead to 2023, we look forward to continuing to serve and support the communities we all call home. Stay tuned to the community involvement category on this blog and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with our community efforts throughout the year.

Live Line Electrical Safety Exhibit visits Bloomsburg Fair

Live Line Electrical Safety Exhibit visits Bloomsburg Fair

The 167th Bloomsburg Fair was about more than fries and snow cones, rides, and prize-winning livestock. Visitors to the fair also had a chance to learn all about electrical safety, courtesy of PPL Electric Utilities.

Fairgoers watch an electrical safety demonstration

Fairgoers watch an electrical safety demonstration

During the fair, attendees were invited to visit our Live Line Electrical Safety Exhibit to watch regular electrical safety demonstrations each day. The exhibit featured a scaled down, 7,200-volt electrical distribution system.

During demonstrations, the public saw our trained employees, wearing protective equipment in a controlled environment, using ladders, gloves, shovels, and other tools to illustrate the spark, flames, smoke, and crackle that occur when items contact live electrical lines. Our team also showed what happens when contacting underground power lines while digging.

The exhibit, which was designed by our employees in 2015 as part of our commitment to protecting the safety of our communities, is used to educate first responders and others about how to stay safe around power lines and electrical equipment. More than 51,000 people have seen demonstrations since we started taking the exhibit across our 29-county Pennsylvania service territory.

If you think your organization may be interested in a demonstration, please contact Doug Haupt at Available dates for 2022 are booked, but 2023 bookings have begun. You can also visit our Safety and Community page to learn more about our commitment to safety in the communities we serve.

Promoting electrical safety and putting down [Community] Roots

During several days at the fair our Community Roots program also was on hand to distribute free trees to fairgoers.

Since our Community Roots program started in 2017, we have given away over 127,000 trees and pollinator plants to help stabilize streambanks, beautify neighborhoods and provide important habitat for birds, bees and butterflies. During Community Roots events, our employees also remind attendees to call 811 before they dig and ensure they do not plant trees under or near electrical facilities.