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Jan 9, 2024 | Storms and Outages | 4 comments

Winter storm: Latest updates on our response

Stay safe and informed

Power outage? Text “outage” to “TXTPPL” (898775) or report it here.

Update: 1.10.24, 4:30 p.m.

As of 3:30 Wednesday afternoon, about 8,750 of our 1.5 million customers were without power. Since Tuesday afternoon, 65,000 customers have been restored from the original 73,750 customers without power.

We have brought in additional crews to supplement our efforts. Our crews began working Tuesday morning and will continue to work around the clock to safely and quickly restore power as soon as possible.

Update: 1.10.24, 10:00 a.m.

Storms caused widespread damage and power outages across our service territory Tuesday afternoon into the early morning on Wednesday. As of approximately 7:30 a.m., about 12,600 of our 1.5 million customers were without power.

Our crews began working Tuesday morning and are continuing to safely restore power to customers who are experiencing outages. We are bringing in additional crews to supplement our efforts.

Because of the scope of repairs, full restoration could take until Thursday for some customers, although many customers will get power restored sooner, as crews work around the clock to repair damage.

Continued wind could result in additional outages through this afternoon. We encourage customers to stay safe and report any outages.

Update: 1.9.24, 11:00 a.m.

An incoming storm is expected to bring heavy rain and winds across our service territory from Tuesday morning into Wednesday afternoon. We’re closely monitoring the forecast and are prepared to respond to storm-related power outages.  

Our dedicated team is ready to respond to any issues that may arise, and we are bringing in additional workers to assist in any restoration efforts that may be necessary. We’ll work as safely and quickly as possible to assess damage and restore power to all customers who are impacted.  

We’ll be posting updates on this page throughout the storm. You can adjust alert preferences to receive a phone call, text or email at to stay informed during a storm. If you experience an outage, report it by visiting,texting “Outage” to TXTPPL or call 1-800-342-5775. 

While we’ve prepared for possible outages, we want you to be prepared too: 

  • Charge your cell phones, portable chargers and other electronic devices so they’re ready to use in case of an emergency.    
  • Prepare or update your emergency kit with food, water, medication and pet supplies.   
  • Remember that candles can start fires. If you lose power, use flashlights instead. Now is a good time to check your flashlight batteries.   
  • If you have a portable generator, test it to make sure it’s working, but never operate it in an enclosed area, like a garage, where carbon monoxide fumes could accumulate.    
  • Assume any downed power line is energized. Stay clear by at least 100 feet and keep kids and pets away. If you see a downed power line, report it immediately by calling 1-800-342-5775 (1-800-DIAL-PPL).  



  1. Sam Schall

    Power out

  2. Kyle Ferri

    I have two kids. I have several fish ranks with thousands of dollars worth of fish. The fish will die without power! I have a basement that is flooding! It will get to the furnace and we are talking no heat for more days! Thousands in repairs! The outage map had us restored by 11pm. Now it’s saying the power is not even out at my house. But it is! And the nearest outage on the map says Thursday at 3pm! That’s 48 hours of no power! I cannot do it ! If you don’t turn the power back on, which I know you can, I’m not paying my bill. I have small children! And my generator is not going to run for 2 God dam days!!!! It’s a small camping generator! I will go buy another and spend your company’s money to buy it if tou don’t do so something! It went out like someone flipped a switch! Not like a weather outage! No flicker! No nothing! Just boom off! And this is all the time! All the time! 4 times a year we do this!!! We can land in the moon but you cannot stand up to rain! Rain! It was only raining when it went out ! I swear to God I will lose it if you guys think your going to keep our power off for 2 full days!!! Do your God dam job! Your only job! Turn on my power! You want me to beg? No problem. Please God let ppl do the right thing and turn on my power!!! Please o great and powerful ppl I beg if you to allow me to have power in the next few minutes! Hows that? Can I have power now?!?!??

  3. Keith Mogavero

    I was subjected to multiple flash Power Outages, in succession, January 10, circa 12:30 PM and there about. My concern is any household appliances that are subjected to frequent and flash power surges can be destroyed. These can be refrigerators, Washer/Dryer, Computers, Furnace Circuitry, TV/Internet Routers, TV LED Monitors, even light bulbs. I cannot afford sufficient power surge protector for all units. Also I am not aware of such protectors for a furnace, Radon Motor, Range/Oven, A/C Units or other high wattage/Current units in a typical household.

    I had a refrigerator during Hurricane Sandy that died after these power surges hit the unit too many times. That was a relatively old unit and may be why it was in a weakened state. Can a refrigerator withstand this attack by design of the manufacturer?

    Why are your regional Power Distribution Units acting in this fashion? Seems better to have an elongated Outage until conditions settle down, as opposed to multiple blasts of Power ON/OFF Surges.

    Can you enlighten me on this subject matter and why the parade of ON/OFF cycles.

    Also, How sensitive are these household Electric Power Units to rapid cycles of ON/OFF behavior?

    What recommendations exist? Any controls in place to avoid those flash ON/OFF events?

    Due to my financial status, I have a scheduled visit with a WRAP program technician. Can that Technician provide any required Power Surge Elements?

    You may respond to the given email.

  4. Matthew Petlock

    The outage map does not show the 70+ customers of laurel lakes mountain top that have been out of power since Tuesday. 1/2 of the lake is restored and not a single PPL truck can been seen up hete


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