It’s Energy Awareness Month. How energy aware are you?

It’s Energy Awareness Month. How energy aware are you?

October is Energy Awareness Month. Here’s an opportunity to find out how much you know about how you use energy at home throughout the day. To get started, click the button below to answer the quiz questions. When you choose an answer, you’ll get some useful tips and suggestions to help you start saving energy and money right now! 

There’s money hiding in your home, and a few simple changes can help you find it! Visit our one-stop shop to find out all the ways you can Save with PPL. 






Now is the perfect time to optimize energy savings for fall

Now is the perfect time to optimize energy savings for fall

As the leaves and outside temperatures change, simple actions, household fixes and upgrades can help you save on your energy consumption this fall, winter and beyond. Here are some of the easiest and most effective changes you can make right now.

Infographic with images of fall leaves and text with tips to manage energy costs. Manage Your Energy Costs Here are some simple actions, household fixes and upgrades that can make a world of difference. 1) Simple Acts Icon of an outdoor air conditioning unit • Don’t leave your HVAC system running all the time. Turning your system on and off as needed can increase the unit’s efficiency by 5–15%. Icon of a smart thermostat with heat set to 70 degrees and a thermometer showing a low temperature • Adjust your thermostat temperature throughout the day, considering times when the house is empty. The Department of Energy (DOE) says turning your thermostat back 7–10 degrees, 8 hours a day, gets you 10% savings. Icon of a water heater with a thermometer showing a low temperature • Lowering the temperature of your water heater by just 10 degrees can save you up to 5% on heating costs. The DOE recommends setting it at 120°F (unless you have health issues that require you to set it higher). 2) Basic Maintenance Icon of an air filter with arrows indicating airflow through the filter • Change the air filter in your HVAC system. Icon of a vacuum in front of a vent • Vacuum vents, air ducts and fans. Icon of a water pipe • Insulate hot water pipes to keep water up to 4 degrees hotter. 3) Upgrades That Can Pay for Themselves Icon of a hand setting a smart thermostat to 70 degrees • Invest in a smart thermostat. You can save $50 by going to the PPL Electric Online Marketplace. Icon of a hot water heater with an ENERGY STAR label • Replace your aging hot water heater with an ENERGY STAR® label and receive a $400 rebate from PPL Electric. Icon of a refrigerator with a $50 starburst icon • If investing in new appliances or electronics this fall, like computers and tablets, remember that ENERGY STAR devices can save you money and energy. As we approach the winter heating season, our budget billing program can help make your payments more predictable each month. PPL Electric Utilities logo

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Visit the links below to learn more about the benefits and offerings featured above.

There’s money hiding in your home, and a few simple changes can help you find it! Visit our one-stop shop to find out all the ways you can Save with PPL.


Let’s Talk About How to Personalize Your Energy Savings

Let’s Talk About How to Personalize Your Energy Savings

Your home is as unique as you are. Not all heating and cooling systems are the same, and not everyone uses them in the same way. It’s true for your appliances as well, and everything else that uses energy. That’s why it’s a good idea to take advantage of personalized energy resources available to you from PPL, including one-on-one advice and specialized insights from energy experts. 

Learn more about some of our personalized resources below. And visit our one-stop shop to find out all the ways you can Save with PPL. 

Schedule your free, personalized consultation 

Animated GIF of woman opening a package and throwing her hands up in celebration

“I am so appreciative of Jari [a Virtual Home Energy Expert]. He did such a good job in helping me with my account and letting me know how I can save money.” — G. 

A Virtual Home Energy Assessment is easy to schedule and no home visits are necessary. A brief conversation with a trained Energy Advisor from PPL is a great way to find savings suited to your home. It could mean an easy solution to an energy challenge you’ve been dealing with for some time. Or it could be a quick fix to an issue that you never realized was an issue. After the assessment, you’ll also receive a free energy savings kit, with easy DIY upgrades like LED bulbs, a smart power strip, weather stripping and more, shipped straight to your door. Call +1 877-486-9204 to schedule.

Save money and energy with special offers 

Animated GIF showing three marketplace products: a thermostat, an advanced power strip and a dehumidifier

The PPL Online Marketplace is a great resource for special discounts on the best energy-saving products like air purifiers, window A/C units, furnace filters, spray foam and pipe insulation, smart thermostats, dehumidifiers and advanced power strips. It’s also where you can access helpful buyer’s guides highlighting some of the energy-saving appliances and products that are available and how to use them. 

Out with the old… In with the new 

Do you have an old refrigerator or freezer that’s wasting energy and taking up space? If it still works, PPL will pick it up and haul it away for free to be responsibly recycled. Plus, you’ll receive a check for $50. You can also receive money for letting us take away your old dehumidifier or room A/C. We also offer rebates on new refrigerators. Learn more to schedule your pickup.

Whatever type of home you have, there are multiple ways you can save on your budget and save energy at the same time. That’s something worth talking about. 

5 affordable ways to save energy this summer

5 affordable ways to save energy this summer

Welcome back, summer! It’s the season for enjoying the sun and relaxing outdoors. However, this also tends to be the time when home energy use begins to soar. Increased use of air conditioners and other household appliances can elevate energy use, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Here are five easy tips to save energy and money this summer with almost no effort!  

1. A simple way to save energy in your washing routines. 

A person’s legs are visible as they load dirty dishes into the bottom rack of a dishwasher.

Instead of pre-rinsing your dishes, simply dispose of any leftover food, pop them into the machine and wait until you have a full load before running the dishwasher. Apply this same “full load” method to your laundry routine and you’ll save tons of water and energy. 

2. Sometimes it’s okay to put off daily chores.

A woman holding a baby kneels in front of a clothes dryer in dim lighting with the light from the dryer reflected on her face.

Maximize your time in the sun by saving chores for later in the evening. Avoid running major appliances during the day when it’s hottest outside. Instead, consider running them at night when temperatures are cooler. This will keep your house cooler and boost energy efficiency. 

3. Make a bake-off trade-off.  

A woman reaches into a microwave to remove a container.

Skip the oven and use the microwave instead. Not only are microwaves more energy efficient, but your house will stay much cooler than if you fired up the oven. Microwaves use up to 80% less energy than conventional ovens, so it’s a great way to save on your energy bill and keep indoors cooler at the same time. 

4. Let a smart thermostat do the work. 

A man adjusts a wall-mounted thermostat.

Use a smart thermostat to control your heating and cooling. An ENERGY STAR® smart thermostat will learn your habits and adjust the temperature for you, saving you an average of $50 per year on your energy bills. Pay less for your thermostat when you buy it on the PPL Online Marketplace. 

 5. Keep the sunlight (and heat) on the outside. 

A hand closes Venetian blinds using the adjusting rod.

Close curtains or blinds for any windows that receive direct sunlight throughout the day. Keeping window coverings closed will reduce heat in your home and lessen the need for A/C. This is a simple and effective way to save energy and keep your home comfortable during the summer months. 

By following these simple tips, you can keep your home cool, save energy and still enjoy all that summer has to offer. 

7 ways to keep your home comfortable during seasonal temperature shifts

7 ways to keep your home comfortable during seasonal temperature shifts

During this time of year, it’s nice to be able to hold off using your air conditioning when you can, but as temperatures fluctuate, hotter days may call for a few new ideas to keep things cool. We’ve put together seven effortless ways you can beat the heat on warmer days while still being mindful about energy savings and when to run your A/C system.

1. Set ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise 

Ceiling fan with arrows indicating a counterclockwise rotation

In warmer months, switch your ceiling fans to a counterclockwise rotation. (Check to see if there is a small toggle switch on the fan’s base. For remote-controlled fans, check your remote for a “REV” button.) Since heat rises, this helps push hot air down to create a cool breeze that can reduce room temperatures by about 4 degrees. It also can help keep a rooms temperature consistent throughout the day, so once you do turn on your A/C, it will help cut down on how much your system must run. 

2. Get a cross breeze going

A living room with two open windows, with illustrations of a cool breeze blowing in

Let nature work for you. Open windows on opposite sides of your house to create a beautiful cross breeze. NOTE: If it’s hotter outside than inside and there is no breeze, close all windows and use tip #3. 

3. Close your curtains or shades 

Woman closing the shades on a sunny window

For windows that take a direct hit from the sun, close your curtains and/or shades during the most intense times of the day. Windows let heat enter your home, so this simple suggestion is a great way to keep the cool in and the heat out. On days when temperatures are cooler, you can open those curtains to let sunlight and warmth in. 

4. Close doors to unused rooms

This keeps any cross breeze moving more efficiently throughout the areas of your home you use the most. It is one of the easiest ways to help your living space stay cooler. 

5. Limit use of your stove, dishwasher and dryer during the day 

These appliances heat up your home fast. Run your dishwasher and dryer after the sun goes down.  

6. Position fans low to the ground

Child sitting on the floor facing a portable room fan and eating a slice of watermelon

If you have portable room fans, make sure they are in a corner and low. This helps circulate cooler air throughout the room. (Cool air is denser so it’s closer to the ground.)  

7. Use a dehumidifier

Room dehumidifier placed in a living room

While dehumidifiers don’t technically cool a room, they do remove moisture from hot air. This makes a room feel cooler by drying the air, which not only makes it more comfortable but healthier as well. Find ENERGY STAR® certified humidifiers for your home on our website. 

Remember, heat stroke is serious. Please don’t push yourself to the point of overheating. Use your A/C when you need it! And stay inside during the hottest hours of the day.