Save energy and money with simple landscaping tips

Save energy and money with simple landscaping tips

Tip 1: Plant shade trees to cool your home 

The summer sun hits your home’s walls, windows and roof. This heats up your house, causing your A/C to work overtime. Planting trees around your home can provide shade, giving your air conditioning unit a much-needed break.  

Tip for tip 1:  

To the south and west of your home, plant trees that shade your walls, windows and at least 20% of your roof. Plant deciduous trees that grow 25‒40 feet tall when mature for the best results. Plant the trees with their trunks at least 15‒20 feet away from your walls, and make sure there are no power lines or other obstructions nearby. 


Tip 2: Use ground cover in place of grass or turf 

Adding plants to your yard can help keep it cool. Replace part of your lawn with lush ground cover. Water will evaporate off the leaves of the plants, cooling the air around your home. 

Tip for tip 2:   

Choose low, slow-growing plants that do not require much water or fertilizer to grow. Keep plants 1‒2 feet away from house foundations to avoid a buildup of moisture or pests.  

Tip 3: Plant shrubs to better shade your air conditioner’s condenser 

Creating shade for your air conditioner can cool down the air around it. The result? Your A/C unit doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your air before sending it into your house. 

Tip for tip 3:  

Plant tall, narrow shrubs (with a height of around 5‒8 feet). Leave 3‒5 feet of space between the shrubs and the A/C unit for better airflow. And don’t forget to leave room for airflow around the A/C heat exhaust vent. 

Tip 4: Plant a windbreak 

Planting a windbreak near your home will create an area of still air next to your house. This will prevent drafts and increase your home’s energy efficiency. 

Tip for tip 4: 

Decide which direction the wind blows most frequently on your home. On that side, plant an unbroken row of evergreen trees that won’t lose their foliage in the winter while blocking the wind year-round. Make sure the edge of the trees is about 5 feet away from your exterior walls. The row of trees should also extend beyond your walls on both sides. 


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Recycling plastic and making a difference

Recycling plastic and making a difference

We’re committed to preserving the environment in everything we do. Whether our employees are in the office or out in the field, we’re always thinking of innovative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle common materials.  

Every day, we receive numerous shipments of fragile materials that are wrapped in clear plastic to help keep the items secure. Thanks to our employees at the Lock Haven Service Center, who initiated a new program, we’re making sure that plastic is recycled.  

Through this program, employees recycle plastic by placing it in large bins in their service center. As an incentive for collecting 500 pounds of recyclable materials, Trex®, a manufacturer of wood alternative products, will provide us with a Trex® bench that we’ll be donating to a local park! 

Our goal is to collect enough plastic for a Trex® bench in a local park in every region of our service territory. To date, we have collected over 400 pounds of materials and expanded the program by placing bins in three other service centers in the Susquehanna region including Sunbury, Bloomsburg, and Montoursville. 

Stay tuned for our progress! 


Planting seeds for a cleaner, greener future

Planting seeds for a cleaner, greener future

From August through October, our Community Roots Program made its way across PA.  

Our employees visited events, like baseball games, throughout our service territory, to deliver free plants and seeds to our customers. Their mission: spread the word about pollinators and how important it is to protect and preserve the environment we all love. 

Along the way, they met a few plant enthusiasts, environmental champions, and captured some great moments. 

Check them out! 

In Williamsport, Chris Stamatedes, PPL Electric’s Regional Director of Operations, threw out the first pitch at the largest attended Crosscutters baseball game of the season! 

PPL employee throws out first pitch

We also visited one of the coolest spots in the area for First Friday- The Lancaster Science Factory. 

Display of pollinator plants at Lancaster Science Factory

And we couldn’t miss an Iron Pigs game at Coca-Cola Park in Allentown! 

PPL employees standing behind table of plants at Coca Cola Park

We spent a beautiful sunny day at the Newfoundland Farmers Market and donated more than 250 mint plants to our friends in the Northeast region. 

People talking at table of plants

At the Forks Farmers Market in Orangeville our volunteers arrived in style with our electric vehicle. They spent the day talking with customers about how we plant pollinators in our right-of-way areas.  

PPL employees standing at table with plants next to PPL electric vehicle

We passed through Schuylkill County and set up a booth at the Hometown Farmers Market. There, customers had the opportunity to package their own native pollinator seed mix to plant at their homes. 

Table of pollinator seed mixes


Did you pick up a mint plant or pollinator seeds at one of our recent events?  Post pictures of your planted pollinators on Facebook. Tag PPL Electric Utilities, and use the hashtag: #MyPPLPollinatorPatch. 

And if we missed you this season, don’t worry- we’ll be back! Follow us on social media for upcoming Community Roots pop-ups! 


Powerful Pollinator Partnerships

Powerful Pollinator Partnerships

The work we do goes beyond delivering safe, reliable and affordable electricity to our customers. We’re here to be a true community partner and preserve the environment we call home. 

Our team in Lancaster County recently completed a large construction project to replace a 100-year-old transmission line that runs through Kelly’s Run Preserve, a popular local destination for walking and hiking owned by the Lancaster Conservancy.  

We know how important this trail is to the community, so we worked closely with Lancaster Conservancy to minimize the amount of time the trail was closed during construction.  

Along the way, we identified an opportunity to expand the Conservancy’s pollinator meadow by two and a half acres by planting a pollinator-friendly seed mixture in our right-of-way. This cost-effective, seed mixture is something we at PPL have been testing and exploring in our right-of-way areas. 

The future is buzzing — and you too can assist our pollinator friends by creating your own pollinator-friendly habitats at home. Learn more about our pollinators and how you can help by clicking here 

October is National Energy Awareness Month. Let’s celebrate what you’ve helped achieve!

October is National Energy Awareness Month. Let’s celebrate what you’ve helped achieve!

October is National Energy Awareness Month

Since 2009, our customers have saved 4,026,933,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity. To put that into perspective, that’s the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent of:

  • Removing 620,000+ passenger vehicles from the road for an entire year
  • Charging 347,145,834,418 smartphones
  • Operating 594 wind turbines for a year
  • 970,686 tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled
  • 343,666 homes’ energy use in a year
 The Difference Customers Like You Have Made  

For the past 12 years, our customers have cut electricity usage by over 4 billion kWh by participating in our energy efficiency programs—that’s savings of more than $403 million in energy costs. Wow! Check out these big stats worth celebrating:

  • 24,000,000+ energy-efficient light bulbs were purchased
  • 143,000+ appliances were properly recycled
  • 71,000+ energy-efficient devices and appliances were installed in local businesses

Energy Efficiency Means Peace of Mind

Taking the time to make the right decisions about your home’s appliances, air quality, and heating and cooling systems goes a long way. When your home is more energy efficient, it means you’re in control of your costs and your comfort. Whether you’re upgrading to ENERGY STAR® certified appliances or being mindful of your day-to-day acts, like shutting off lights, it all adds up—benefiting your family’s comfort, your savings, and the planet.

Celebrate With an Energy-Efficient Rebate

When it comes to major home endeavors like insulation or upgrades to heating and cooling systems, you can save hundreds with our rebates and incentives. In addition, Pennsylvania offers residents financial incentives and tax credits on upgrading your home’s energy efficiency.

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