Recycling has its rewards

Recycling has its rewards

Last year, employees in our Lock Haven Service Center launched a recycling program for common materials found in everyday shipments. They partnered with other nearby service centers in Susquehanna, Sunbury, and Bloomsburg, to collect all kinds of recyclable plastic with their eyes set on reaching a 500 pound goal.

As an incentive for collecting 500 pounds of recyclable materials, Trex®, a manufacturer of wood alternative products, would provide us with a Trex® bench.

We’re pleased to announce that we met our goal and received our first Trex® bench!

Our employees wanted to share our commitment to the environment, by donating the bench to a local organization where it could be enjoyed by residents of the community. The team decided to donate it to the Clinton County Historical Society, and place it at the Castanea Train Station, which is also the trailhead of the popular Bald Eagle Valley rail trail. 

Now, hikers, bikers, and runners can use the bench before or after their trip on the trail.

We’re continuing these recycling efforts at service centers across our territory and hope to donate a bench in each region.

Stay tuned for our progress!

Preparing for a minty fall

Preparing for a minty fall

We’re passionate about pollinators and the positive impact they have on our environment. Birds, bees, and butterflies are just a few of the pollinators that help sustain our ecosystem. And we’re committed to preserving and protecting them.

Since 2017, we have distributed more than 105,000 free trees through our Community Roots program to help preserve the environment by reducing greenhouse gases and promoting healthy waterways.

Now, we’re adapting our Community Roots efforts and focusing on giving these birds, bees, and butterflies a natural food source. A minty one, at that!

We’ll be providing free pollinator-friendly mountain mint, grown by Edge of the Woods Plant Nursery, at baseball games and farmers’ markets across our territory through the fall.

Visit or follow us on social media for updates on our environmental programs and upcoming events near you.

Planting your own pollinators? Post a photo on Facebook, tag PPL Electric Utilities, and use the hashtag #MyPPLPollinatorPatch.

Thanks for joining us in our efforts towards a greener future!

Delivering trees for a greener future

Delivering trees for a greener future

Thousands of blueberry, serviceberry, eastern redbud, river oak and sycamore trees are getting planted across our territory, thanks to our Community Roots program.

Just this week, our employees distributed nearly 12,000 tree seedlings to conservation organizations, such as Wildlands Conservancy in Lehigh County, where they’re being prepared for spring planting.

Since 2017, we have distributed more than 105,000 free trees to help preserve the environment by reducing greenhouse gases, promoting healthy waterways, and giving birds, bees, and butterflies a natural food source.

The trees, which also help to beautify parks and other public spaces, are given to environmentally focused groups, municipal and county governments and fourth grade students at schools in our service territory.

Community Roots is a great way for us to promote trees and their benefits and reinforce to the public our commitment to the environment,” said Lori Burkert, manager of Environmental Compliance.

Employees loading tree seedlings on a truck

Employees standing in field with tree seedlings