Lend a hand to a neighbor in need

Lend a hand to a neighbor in need

We’re kicking off our annual Operation HELP campaign with hopes of helping more eligible families than ever before.

Operation HELP offers grants to customers struggling with their energy bills. And after a year like 2020, they can really use our support.

Every year, we support Operation HELP with nearly one million dollars in grant money. Our generous employees and customers also donate to help those in need. It’s the customer support that makes the program truly special. We can all find a way to help our community.

If you are able, we’re asking you to consider a donation. Your contribution, whether a one-time donation, or a few dollars every month, will help our neighbors keep their homes warm.

We live and work in this community together so when our friends, families, and neighbors need a hand, we deliver.

Visit pplelectric.com/operationhelp to learn more or donate.