Competing for a cause at the Lineman Rodeo

Competing for a cause at the Lineman Rodeo

Keeping power flowing is no easy job. Our lineworkers are safety focused, highly trained and dedicated. They have unique skills. And it never hurts to show off those skills, especially when it’s for a good cause.

This summer, PPL Electric employees competed in the 10th annual Lineman Rodeo, sponsored by the National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Lineman (NSUJL), in Hazleton. The two-day event raised funds for the families of fallen and injured IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) lineworkers and other electric distribution company employees.

Our team competed against other lineworkers in events designed to show their field skills. They took part in the Speed Climb, Hurtman Rescue, Obstacle Course, Three-Phase Transfer, Switch Changeout and other events.

When all was said and done, our lineworkers and their teams made us proud, placing in two events. Congratulations to all the participants!

Our employees hit a grand slam for the Little League World Series

Our employees hit a grand slam for the Little League World Series

It’s Little League World Series time in Williamsport. That means it’s time for PPL Electric to step up to help make the international event a success! Here’s how we do it:

Volunteers for safety: About 30 of our employees and their family members participated in the Grand Slam Parade on August 15. They volunteered as “safety walkers,” walking alongside members of the 16 Little League teams in the parade and keeping the young athletes safe.

Always be prepared: We love Pennsylvania, and we want to make sure the lights are shining bright when events take place. That’s why we work closely with local event leaders to prepare, and then we work hard to ensure that the lights stay on, and the event goes off without a hitch.

In preparation for the 2022 tournament, we performed inspections of our facilities that serve the Little League complex, met with LLWS representatives prior to the event, inspected lines in the area for any potential tree hazards and more. Our crews are also on hand and ready in case they need to respond to any power issues during the event.

We are grateful to our employees for their hard work, preparation and participation in this exciting international sporting event. Play ball!

“Second to none” electrical safety demo

“Second to none” electrical safety demo

Firefighters face many dangers – not the least of which are electrical hazards – while battling fires and working to keep others safe. 

So when the Scranton Fire Department had the chance to learn from PPL Electric Utilities how to keep themselves and others safer around power lines and other electrical components, its members jumped at the opportunity. 

Dan Hallowich, deputy chief of Scranton’s Bureau of Fire, said the lessons we provided with our Live Line Electrical Safety Exhibit were “second to none.” 

“More often than not, we have to rely on theoretical discussions and case study review to learn about electrical hazards,” Hallowich said. “This presentation was able to put theory into action for us. We were able to see, hear, and in some cases smell, the outcome of these hazards allowing the development of key sensory memories – which is key for split second decision making.” 

“Without a doubt, the PPL Electric Live Line Safety Presentation has improved our knowledge and understanding of electrical hazards throughout the community resulting in a safer environment for our members.” 

Our 7,200-volt exhibit features live electrical wires, utility poles and transformers. Using ladders, gloves, shovels and other tools in a controlled environment, trained PPL Electric staff wearing protective equipment recreate sparks, flames, smoke and crackling that occurs when those items, as well as tree branches and mylar balloons, contact live electrical lines. We also discuss the importance of calling 811 before digging. 

To date, we’ve reached more than 55,000 people with nearly 600 demonstrations since 2016. And more than 50 electrical safety demonstrations have been scheduled for fire departments, municipalities, safety events and fairs across our 29-county service territory during 2022. We’ll once again be doing daily demonstrations at the Bloomsburg Fair, which takes place from Sept. 23 to Oct. 1. 

Scranton firefighters watching electrical safety demonstration Live line electrical safety exhibit






If your organization is interested in a demonstration, please contact Doug Haupt at or 610-297-2461. Available dates for 2022 are limited, but 2023 bookings have begun. There are several requirements for the demonstrations: an audience of at least 50 people is required; we need an area suitable to accommodate the exhibit; and the host organization is asked to invite nearby first responder organizations. 

For more information about how we keep our communities safe, visit

Student art shines a bright light on energy efficiency

Student art shines a bright light on energy efficiency

Students in kindergarten through eighth grade throughout our service territory shined brightly during the month of May as they were recognized for their submissions to the Bright Ideas Energy Efficiency Student Poster Contest and Innovation Challenge.

The annual contest gives students the opportunity to creatively showcase how they would save energy and help the environment and shines a light on education and sustainability tips.

From the large number of thoughtful entries, the panel of judges from PPL Electric Utilities and the National Energy Foundation selected 3 grand prize winners and 10 honorable mentions to be showcased online. The students also received prizes and parties for their classes. Additionally, program funds are reinvested into the classroom as a grant for the grand prize winner’s teacher.

Prior to the contest, students and teachers participated in an energy efficiency education presentation. Students used the lessons they learned, as well as their own ideas, to create their posters.

Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences Innovation Challenge winners

Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences Innovation Challenge winners

“I want to thank PPL Electric Utilities for the Think! Energy Innovation program that they have allowed the students to partake in,” says Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences teacher Greg Mazurek.

“It was a great opportunity for these young adults to educate and inform themselves about being energy efficient; I am immensely proud of their successes in this program. I also want to thank National Energy Foundation on behalf of the Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences, we appreciate their time and resources. Congratulations to the Innovation Challenge grand prize winners Kaitlyn W., Tegan O., and Josh P. Their incredible projects beat out competitors from over 60 other schools in the state. In addition, Danielle B. and Paige V. received honorable mentions for their work in this contest.”

We’re proud to partner with educators and to highlight local students who are inspired to work towards green living.

Below is a list of our poster contest winners for the 2021-22 contest season. You can also check out the featured poster entries. Congratulations to all the winners!

Grand Prize Winners
Ivy A. – Dunmore Elementary Center (pictured above with her brother, James, and teacher Michelle Walsh)
Mara W. – Twin Valley Middle School
Iccha B. – Springhouse Middle School

K-2nd Grade Honorable Mentions
Ethan W. – Schnecksville Elementary School
Brennan Y. – Schnecksville Elementary School
James A. – Dunmore Elementary Center

3rd-5th Grade Honorable Mentions
Penelope B. – St. John Vianney School
Alina B. – Dunmore Elementary Center
Riyan M. – Dunmore Elementary Center
Addisyn M. – Solomon Plains Elementary School

6th-8th Grade Honorable Mentions
Quinn P. – Executive Education Academy Charter School
Kenialys S. – Executive Education Academy Charter School
Nila R. – Springhouse Middle School

Recycling has its rewards

Recycling has its rewards

Last year, employees in our Lock Haven Service Center launched a recycling program for common materials found in everyday shipments. They partnered with other nearby service centers in Susquehanna, Sunbury, and Bloomsburg, to collect all kinds of recyclable plastic with their eyes set on reaching a 500 pound goal.

As an incentive for collecting 500 pounds of recyclable materials, Trex®, a manufacturer of wood alternative products, would provide us with a Trex® bench.

We’re pleased to announce that we met our goal and received our first Trex® bench!

Our employees wanted to share our commitment to the environment, by donating the bench to a local organization where it could be enjoyed by residents of the community. The team decided to donate it to the Clinton County Historical Society, and place it at the Castanea Train Station, which is also the trailhead of the popular Bald Eagle Valley rail trail. 

Now, hikers, bikers, and runners can use the bench before or after their trip on the trail.

We’re continuing these recycling efforts at service centers across our territory and hope to donate a bench in each region.

Stay tuned for our progress!