Competing for a cause at the Lineman Rodeo

Keeping power flowing is no easy job. Our lineworkers are safety focused, highly trained and dedicated. They have unique skills. And it never hurts to show off those skills, especially when it’s for a good cause.

This summer, PPL Electric employees competed in the 10th annual Lineman Rodeo, sponsored by the National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Lineman (NSUJL), in Hazleton. The two-day event raised funds for the families of fallen and injured IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) lineworkers and other electric distribution company employees.

Our team competed against other lineworkers in events designed to show their field skills. They took part in the Speed Climb, Hurtman Rescue, Obstacle Course, Three-Phase Transfer, Switch Changeout and other events.

When all was said and done, our lineworkers and their teams made us proud, placing in two events. Congratulations to all the participants!


  1. Mike- Pocono Lake, PA

    Fantastic idea, what an awesome reachOut to linemen workers injured or fallen in line-of-duty + the involvement of the National SisterHood United for Journeyman Linemen ++ the affiliatiin w/ the IBEW !
    Keep such thoughtful & diversified events scheduled periodically to progress forward together ❣️😊

  2. Thomas Yannes

    Hats off to the great job our linemen did at the rodeo. It takes a special breed of an individual to do the job these guys do in all kinds of weather. They go thru training all the time, it’s called on the job training, each day a different encounter they have to address and a thought process that has to be quick but with the upmost safety to all involved, the next car accident with a pole, the next storm in the middle of the night, the next new service installation is what can’t be taught in a text book. Just think about it, it’s a job like no other and they come through each and every time. THANK YOU to all the lineman. TEY


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