7 energy-saving ways to show you care this Valentine’s Day

7 energy-saving ways to show you care this Valentine’s Day

Holidays can sometimes call for spending, but they can also mean saving. This Valentine’s Day, and throughout the month, help those you care about be more comfortable while saving on energy costs with these simple home improvements and actions.

A red slow cooker on a background with pink and red hearts.

Date night

#1 Get prepped. Assemble all your ingredients and do all your chopping and prepping before you turn on your electric cooking appliances.

#2 Take it slow. Make someone special in your life a slow-cooked meal like this slow-cooker chicken teriyaki. Slow cookers are more energy efficient than making a meal in the oven.

#3 And don’t forget the ambient lighting. Skip the overhead lighting and add some LED candles to your decor for the evening. You’ll save energy while adding a warm glow.

Parents and a child sitting on a couch and starting a movie, with LED candles in the background.

Family night

#4 Get comfortable. Plan for energy-efficient comfort all evening long by adjusting ceiling fans to run clockwise, circulating warm air from the ceiling. That will allow you to lower your thermostat a few degrees. And don’t use kitchen exhaust fans or vents for more than 20 minutes. They pull cold air from outside.

#5 Stream efficiently. Stream your favorite movies or shows through your digital media player rather than your gaming console and use volume-leveling to make sure that loud commercials don’t interrupt your family time.

#6 Get crafty. Create tasty valentines for the whole family with this no-bake, valentine-heart fudge recipe.

A hand adjusting a smart thermostat set at 62 degrees, with pink and red hearts in the background.

Night out

#7 Get smart. Enjoy energy-efficient nights out all year long by installing a smart thermostat with a $50 rebate. A smart thermostat will save energy while you’re out and have the house warm and cozy again by the time you’re back home. 

There’s money hiding in your home, and a few simple changes can help you find it! Learn more about these and other ways you can save with PPL.

Illuminating the holidays for less

Illuminating the holidays for less

Strings of yellow holiday lights wrapped around tree branches

’Tis the season for swirling snowflakes, hot cocoa and decorations. This year, as you hang your holiday lights, we’d like to offer a few ideas to make them even brighter, and to help you save a few dollars while you’re at it.

For starters, if you haven’t replaced your traditional incandescent holiday lights with energy-efficient LED strands, this is the year to do it. Not only do LEDs consume less electricity, but they’re also made to be safer and sturdier. If you purchase ENERGY STAR® decorative bulbs, some have a manufacturer warranty of up to three years. They’re also a cinch to install.

Here’s the best part — many holiday LED strands don’t just shine brighter, but they also come in a wide array of changeable colors and patterns that can be synced to music.

Magnify the shine

Glass snowflakes and ornaments that are reflecting sparkles of light

Making the switch to holiday LEDs isn’t the only way to save energy this time of year. Once the lights are strung, here are a couple of other ideas. First, try amplifying the light by adding sparkle — hang small, mirrored objects that will catch the glow and reflect it. That way, you can get a brighter feel without adding extra lights. Next, cozy up the place by adding natural garlands, wreaths and ribbons, which don’t require any energy beyond your own.

Timing’s everything

A red house with white holiday lights strung around the windows and roofline

Finally, use energy-efficient smart power strips and timers to automatically turn displays on and off, inside and out.

P.S. Decorate cookies, too.

Once the house is spruced, take some time to decorate some no-bake cookies. You can keep the holiday energy up, while keeping the oven off. And remember, when the guests arrive to see your décor, turn the thermostat down a degree or two as more warm bodies in the house will naturally raise the temperature. Pretty cool, huh?

There you have it. The makings of a brilliant holiday.

You can find discounted LED lightbulbs, smart power strips and more on our online marketplace.

Win Game Day with Slow Cooker and Instant Pot® Recipes

Win Game Day with Slow Cooker and Instant Pot® Recipes

Supercharge Your Game Day Menu

The big game is this Sunday. Think about all the electricity it takes to power such a spectacular event – the stadium lights, the global TV hookups, the concession equipment, the glitz and glitter of the halftime show, and the hundreds of devices in the press box.

Thankfully, your game day menu at home doesn’t have to be an energy hog. We’ve fallen in love with slow cookers and Instant Pots® as convenient, energy-efficient options to supercharge your game day menu. Whether you prefer low and slow, fresh and fast or both, these appliances are perfect for feeding your family.

Here’s a round up of recipes for wings, dips and more – all offering energy efficient and delicious game day inspiration.

PPL Game Day Recipe Collection on Pinterest

Slow Cooker Creations

Instant Pot Inspiration

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What’s on your game day menu? If you’ve got a good energy-saving tip or recipe, leave it in the comments below. And enjoy the game!

127 ways to recharge your Mother’s Day menu

127 ways to recharge your Mother’s Day menu

Mother’s Day is this weekend. We’ve included 127 ways you can recharge your Mother’s Day menu to show mom how much you care on her special day and every day! Mom likely hasn’t tried these for herself, and they’re delicious and easy to make. Our favorite part? These recipes are energy-efficient and require minimal cleanup.

Let mom sleep in to wake up to a wonderful brunch, or give her a delicious dinner that will wow her. Not the best cook?  Not a problem. Go unconventional. Give the stove and oven a rest. Try no-cook recipes and use smaller, more efficient appliances, like slow cookers, microwaves or even your grill, to use less electricity and save time.

Wondering exactly what to make? From appetizers and entrees to dessert this list has you covered and mom is sure to be impressed.

Still looking for the perfect recipe? Check out our Pinterest boards.

Don’t forget that these unconventional cooking methods typically require minimal cleanup, and that’s music to any mom’s ears — or yours in this case. You’ll save energy by not using the stove and oven AND by not having to use hot water to wash pots and pans.

What are your plans for mom this year? #Mom #HappyMothersDay #herestoyoumom