If you received a power tool over the holidays, please use it the right way. Following these great guidelines from the Electrical Safety Foundation International will help you complete your projects the best way — the safe way.

  1. Use ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) with every power tool to protect against electric shocks.
  2. When working with electricity, use tools with insulated grips to avoid shocks.
  3. Always plug power tools into a grounded outlet, unless the tools are double-insulated.
  4. Never use power tools near power lines or water pipes.
  5. If a power tool trips a safety device like a GFCI outlet, take the tool to a repair center authorized by the manufacturer.
  6. Don’t use power tools without the proper guards.
  7. Don’t use power tools with an extension cord longer than 100 feet.
  8. Always use appropriate personal protective gear
  9. Use extreme caution when cutting or drilling into walls with electrical wires or water pipes.