Don’t be fooled

Phone scammers are imitating us to try to fool you. Here’s how to spot these scams.

(UPDATE: We’ve had several customers leave comments regarding apparent scams. Please be sure to report any scam attempts to us at 1-800-342-5775 and also to local police. Thank you.)

We’re warning our customers to be aware of a phone scam in which calls appear to come from PPL and mimic our call center.

Customers are being called and told their account is delinquent and they need to make an immediate payment or have their electricity shut off. In many cases, customers are being told to pay with prepaid debit cards. They are being instructed to call a phony call center, where they are prompted to enter their account information.

In one brazen attempt, a scammer walked into a business pretending to be from PPL and demanded money under threat of a service shut-off, but was unsuccessful.

Threatened shut-offs are a tactic used in previous scam attempts against our customers and at other utilities across the country.

The bogus number that customers are being told to call— 855-625-7634 — has been associated with other scams against utility customers in other parts of the country. Another number — 844-255-4708 — also is being used. In some cases, the bogus number has been set up to look on Caller ID like it is from PPL.

Update: We’ve heard that scammers are now using a different phone number (866-978-5151) to imitate our automated phone system and try to steal your money. No matter what number they use, our advice remains the same: We remind residential and small business customers that the only number you should be calling to discuss your account is 1-800-DIAL-PPL (1-800-342-5775). Mid-size to large businesses can call 1-888-220-9991, option 4.

Mostly business, and some residential, customers have been targeted by the recent scams.

“We want all of our customers to be aware of this sophisticated scam activity and be prepared,” said Christopher Cardenas, customer services vice president. “We continue to work with law enforcement on these cases, and we urge any customers who receive scam calls to notify their local police.”

Here is important information to avoid scams:

  • We never send anyone to demand bill payment
  • We don’t call customers seeking personal information
  • We never call customers threatening to shut off electric service unless immediate payment is made
  • We don’t accept Green Dot or other prepaid debit cards for bill payments

We do conduct collections activities on accounts that are legitimately delinquent. Service termination always is a last resort. When we begin the service termination process, we provide a formal notification that involves a letter and phone call. At any time, a customer who is delinquent can call us to make a payment arrangement and avoid shutoff.

Be sure to report any scam attempts to us at 1-800-342-5775 and also to local police.


  1. yvonne manley

    got a call yesterday and they said they wanted to give me a 25% discount. they did identify themselves as PPL. I told him PPL would not call and offer me a discount on my electric bill, told him to take my name off his list and hung up!

    • Jennifer

      I get a call every day saying this call is pertaining to my electric bill… always from a different number local and non local… when i press zero its always a foreigner i can tell by the accents telling me they want to give me a discount… i always ask them to stop calling. But they still do everyday… i block they just call from another number… it burns me out… how do they have access to our bills? Isn’t that secured info?

      • DIANA NOVA

        I get them all the time at work, they are VERY pushy too. Always promising me a discount if I give them the POD # from my bill.
        Go get your bill, go get it. OMG…..I wish I could curse them out. I can’t due to being at work.
        tel# 862-762-2026 PSEG Choice Program she said.

        • Sharon M

          I got a PPL scammer call from 855 549 4726 with a pin number said to expire in 48 hours. I did not call the number. Instead went to PPL website and saw the same scam with a different number.

  2. Fernando Vázquez Muñoz

    I received a call where it comes from a different number once you answer switched to a 800 number.
    Here are the two numbers:




    • Nancy Werner

      Same thing here Yvonne but my Caller ID said it was a local call 216-220-5676.

  3. Timothy Goss

    Received a call on 11 Aug 2016 at 12:30 from a Nancy Brown saying she is calling about the rate reduction notice that was on your PPL bill. She said to call her at 570-293-0092 and have a copy of your bill when you call her. Is this a scam also?

    • Kurt

      Timothy: This phone number does not appear to be a PPL phone number. We recommend that you not provide any information. Thanks for the heads-up!

    • Dawn

      I also received a call from Nancy Brown telling me that I qualify for a reduction in my PPL bill. Yes, same number 570-293-0092. Also to have a copy of my bill when I call. I didn’t do a thing, I thought if the is true, first thing is that I am calling the PPL 800 number to find out if this is a scam or not. Now I see this, I haven’t called as of yet. I will call to verify if this is true, this way I know I will find out the truth

    • John

      I received the exact same call come up from the same person and phone number.

    • Rich

      Received the same call at 9:32 am today on my land line. Since I have requested that all messages from PPL be sent to my cell phone, knew this had to be a scam.

  4. Carl W. Coleman

    Remember, places like AOL, E_Bay, PAYPAL, etc. – ethical orgs. will tell you to sign in to there site, (& not say “Click Here” to do it).

  5. Maureen Coll

    I just received what a computer voice called a “cool call” it said I qualified for a price reduction from PPL and I should press 1 to talk to a PPL rep. I hung up I figured it was a scam


    Got a scam call today. Did not answer phone but i was concerned when caller Id said PPL. I got the email shortly after for my bill and with this scam info. My account is current so I know not to answer any calls

  7. cheryl hill

    Been receiving calls from Williamsport,Pa. that’s where I’m from still have family there it’s a ploy to answer phone mother’s 92 of course I will answer they are claiming on caller ID to be PPL. Again today received call #1-570-293-0092 when I answered caller(man)said he had wrong # see in above comments it’s a bogus # makes me sick the way these losers play on senior citizens etc. Don’t trust anyone who’s trying to play on you!

  8. Carol Graham

    Several calls from several different numbers offering me a discount on my “PPL Energy costs.” All Robocalls telling me to press 1 to talk to a “friendly service rep.”


    • Tyler

      I get 1-3 calls like this a day, automated messages about rate reductions, both from PPL and Met Ed, if I just press 1 to talk to someone

      All from LOCAL area codes, different numbers each time.

      Would love to know how a phone company can’t catch this source when they have to create many many phone numbers to keep getting through blocked phone numbers

      Here’s the ones I gotten this month so far:

  9. Amanda

    I just got a call from “Nick” calling from 570-293-0092. He was so excited to let me know I may qualify for a 25% rebate and a lower electric rate if I just grab my most current bill ::eyeroll::

    After I said I was busy and asked him if I could call back later, he gave me the following contact number:

    1-800-210-9011, ext. 1899

    • Giancarlo

      I got a call from someone from 862-621-9919 with the same spiel, same “contact number”. The difference was he was claiming to be from PSEG!

      • Min

        Got a call from “Julia” for a rebate for my business? Told them I was busy and gave me the same contact number, but ext 1906…

    • valerie

      Amanda….was that a scam? I just got a call also…same number 1-800-210-9011 x 1951 “Jay” but caller ID had a Norristown, PA number.

      • Lauren

        I also just got a call from ‘Kevin’ from a Norristown, PA number. Claimed that he had been trying to get a hold of my business for a few weeks and he wanted to discuss some rebates with me. All I needed was a copy of my bill. I told him my accountant wasn’t in and he was pretty hesitant to even give me a call back number. Knew it was a scam.

  10. Jack

    I had a gentleman come to my door tonight saying PPL was going to a set power level price so that prices don’t climb in the summer and winter… I stupidly fell for this and he set me up with Spark Energy… I have since come to my senses and will be calling this Spark Energy in the morning to cancel, but please folks don’t do the same… I hope I don’t end up screwed in this.

    • Kurt

      Just for public information, PPL’s price to compare (the price customers pay for power if they don’t switch to a competitive supplier) changes twice a year, in June and December.
      The price to compare is based on what we pay to buy the power on the wholesale market. We haven’t issued any guidance or information on future price to compare changes. (We typically announce each change about a month in advance.)

      If you’re bothered by seasonal changes in your bill, one step you *can* take is to sign up for budget billing, which averages out your energy usage over 12 months so you pay roughly the same amount each month. Information on budget billing is available on

  11. Donna

    Every month the message is always the same, caller ID different. Says it’s from PPL Electric with an important message to call back at
    855-549-4726 Pin#50113 expires in 48 hrs.

    Caller ID says OVERDUE BILLS (which is not)
    phone #800-358-6623

    I believe its probably another co. trying to get me to switch,
    never called the number though.

    • Tammy Kirkpatrick

      Actually, this number is legit…. Its a message service set up by PPL to prevent anyone else from hearing info about your account. I’ve called it before, just to check, and its always just a reminder that my Bill is due soon…. Don’t know why they started doing that, but that one is at least actually them.


    I recommend screening all telephone calls with an answering machine. I listen to the callers without their knowledge and if I want to take the call I simply pick up the call while they are leaving their message .
    I had a scammer try to contact me 12 times before finally giving up. Fyi They never leave a message.

  13. kempeke

    Caller stated I need to call back about my electricity usage before the next meter read. Did not identify herself as being from PPL. Stated her name is Mrs. Lucas, and she left me a reference number. My PPL payments are current, and I have no alerts in my account online. Am not returning the call. Philadelphia number…


  14. Vicki L

    Got a call from someone identifying themselves from PPL. They called one of my Google Voice numbers that has not been provided to PPL, so that in itself was suspicious. Here’s Google’s translation of the message that was left for me…

    “Hi, Vicki. This is Derrick Hudson from American Power and Gas I’m calling in reference to your PP&L account. It’s about a rebate check Vicki. As soon as you hear this message, please call me back at 800-210-9011 extension 1883 again Vicki, 800 210 9011 extension 1883 have a nice Day Vicki.”

    We don’t have an account with American Power and Gas either, and of course, the phone number “Derrick” provided is not PPL’s phone number. Scam. I’m not calling him back.

  15. Vicki L

    Received the following message at a phone number that is not on file with PPL:

    “Good morning. This is natalie calling from AVG in regards to the PP&L account. It is important. They give me a call back as soon as you hear this message with a copy of the PP&L bill in your hands my phone number. It’s 1 800 210 9011 extension 1645. I’m here from 8 a.m.. To 6 p.m.. Thank you.”

    Scam. Don’t be fooled.

  16. Steven J Boyle

    Had a knock on the door tonight at around 6:30. A male individual identified himself as working for PP&L, contacting customers to update information on their account to avoid overcharges. He then asked to see a past bill. The time of day and the request to see my bill did not seem right, so I indicated I wasn’t interested. Tried to call PP&L to ask if they had a program of contacting customers in the area; however, the automated phone system is so cumbersome, that I soon gave up. I then registered my account and email address and sent this email.

  17. Amy

    Just received a call from 610-615-0146, said that they were from PPL (Amanda King) & left a number of 800-210-9011 ext 4853 to call back before 5:00 pm. Said she was from accounts payable & it was very important that the office manager or one of the owners call back today, that they attempted to contact us several times. I actually hung up on her & she called right back. I smelled a scam right away, however to the average person she would be very convincing!

  18. AJ

    A number came through to our business supposedly from Hanover, PA. She was demanding to talk to the owner, then office manager. She first identified herself from PPL, then I asked her to confirm that and she changed and said she was from American Power & Gas and has a rebate check that needs to be applied to our PPL account. She said to call back with our bill available. Sounded like a call center in the background and she gave me the number 1-800-210-9011 x 2073 and said her name was Myra. BE CAREFUL!!!

    • Joelle Souders

      I’ve also been getting them from Hanover, PA. Today the number was 717-524-1874 and also said I have a reabate check, he went by the name Wilmer. And they always call back to back and then leave a message (cuz I don’t answer phone numbers that I don’t know). And I don’t even have a PPL account.

  19. Lois Gris

    Got a call from 570-497-5898 about a rebate, told him we are not interested. He persisted to call numerous times until I took the phone off the hook. Would not take no for an answer.

  20. Concerned Citizen

    Received a call on 7/11/2017 from 610-615-0146. Claimed to be from PPL regarding a discount for the account. I immediately called him out and he outright denied it. I hung up and he proceeded to call 2 more times; each time i picked up and hung up. Please help make these stop, PPL!

  21. Benjamin Grab

    Received an email from an demanding payment. The link provided is dead and results in an error 404 and doesn’t exist.

    • Chyrece Ferry

      I just got this email today, 12/7/2017.

  22. Melissa Adams

    I just received a call (8/3/2017) from Lena of American Power and Gas (610-615-0146) saying that they needed me to grab my PP&L bill so that we could get a PP&L rebate check. Told her I did not have access to the bill and “took a message.” We are to call back 800-210-9011 ext 2352

  23. Marsha Blessing

    I just received a call from Orlando Perez of American Gas and Power. The number was 1-800-210-9011 and he stated his extension was 1530. He stated that they were our current supplier and wanted to verify my 25% rebate check status. I pulled up my PPL account online and told him that they were not my current supplier. He had to verify their records. He came back and stated that was correct and wanted to know my rate. I gave that to him and he came under it with a new rate. I asked if that would be locked in for a certain time and he stated it was monthly. I then stated that we didn’t want a variable rate. He began to talk over me and stated that I would have the new rate next month. I told him that I didn’t agree to any switch and our conversation was now over. He has tried to call me back. How do we get this information to the state regulators and get this company pulled from selling in our state?

      • Doug Atterbury

        10/31/17 – I just received a call from Gabriel of American Gas and Power. The number was 1-800-210-9011 and he stated his extension was 1562. He stated that they were calling to confirm WestPenn Power switch of suppliers and wanted to verify my sign-up to APG with 0.4696/KW variable rate and 25% rebate check status. I then stated that we didn’t want a variable rate. I told him that I didn’t agree to any switch and our conversation was now over. Then I hung up.

  24. Mr.Sam

    I received a call today from “Mary Ann” tel# 215-867-8035 saying to call about my supply charges. She gave me a ref# 01014.
    No mention of a company. I did further research on the “net” and found many reports about this call. One report mentioned it was a spoofed # ….actual area code was 202.

    We didn’t respond to the call.

    • Deb McFadden

      yesterday got a call from Maryanne with the same ref #01014. Concerning charges made to my account. Her number was different 215-769-????. Seemed like she was in a tunnel since not all of the message was recorded. Tried to check for the number must of dumped it since I could not view the number in my messages.

  25. Mary Chappell

    I received an email from IGS Energy today stating they just created my account and I needed to login to finish creating my account. This is not my supplier nor did I create an account. The contact email for customer service looks genuine. The link to login looks suspicious.

    This should be a HTTPS link which would tell me it was a secure web page.

    • Kurt

      Mary: If you were receiving supply from Talen Energy, Talen recently decided to stop selling power to residential and small business customers. Customers who had been receiving supply from Talen have been switched to IGS of Ohio (with no change to their terms of service). A news story about the transition can be found here:
      If you were not receiving energy supply from Talen, we don’t know why you would have received information from IGS Energy.

  26. stefanie

    someone called demanding to get my electrical bill after telling me they were looking for erika, i told them they had the wrong number and even after she still said it didn’t matter and to look for a bill. its a scam

  27. Kris B

    I received a voicemail from “Ron with PP&L.” He asked for a return call at 1-800-210-9011, ext 1078, though on the caller ID, the number he called from was 717-516-8766. Knew it was a scam because they left the message for a staff member that hasn’t worked here in years!

  28. Carl

    I got a call for my residential plan. Wanted me to have my bill ready and give them a call back. So I did.. but they didn’t sound all that legit (for good reason) Phone number was 570-904-8104

  29. Cherry Lynn Redcay

    I am receiving repeated phone calls from Landsdowne, PA area code (610) 624-5110 saying my phone rates are going go up 17% and they can help me save money if I permit them to give me a discount. The calls are repeated daily.

  30. Todd

    Received a call from 844-428-8644 x 3504 David Jenkins, said the account is overdue since June and needs $700 to stop power from being shut off within the hour. I asked them to verify the account number and the actual business owner name and they couldn’t. SCAM

  31. Adam

    I just got a call from an “Ohio” number, 330-657-7642, claiming to be from “Aspirion Energy” and trying to convince me that I was one of their customers and of rate fluctuations and my bill would be going up. Told them sorry, don’t know who you are or how you got my number but PP&L is my supplier and I’m not going to trust anyone that calls me up out of the blue.

  32. RLP

    I got a call too on Dec 21, 2017 who gave a lot of information which might be useful to all:

    Name of caller: Grace Brown

    RE: my “ELECTRIC CHARGES” — without giving the correct PPL Co. name

    Number call came from was: 440 276 – 2693

    Asking me to call back: 201 335-1534

    and actually gave me a reference # number to use when I did call back the 201 phone number. The message sounding very dire and serious about my “electric charges”, which prompted me to call PPL direct.

    I did not call this individual back, but reported this scam immediately to PPL. Remember, NEVER give your information, pay money, call back, or even hit phone digit prompts with scams — always double check with your main provider, and if necessary, report to the police. Scams invade our homes daily, and the only way to fight back is to use our noodles! Good luck and Happy Holidays to all!

  33. CE

    American Gas & Power scammers are back! This time, her name was Alexis Allison and wanted me to verify a bunch of things. I made stuff up then told her I googled her number and it came up as scam. Then she finally had the nerve to tell me who she was working for.

    Watch out!!!

    Her number is 1 800 210 9011 extension 5984….

  34. jc

    I received message on answering machine. This is Danelle from PPL please return my call immediately 570-867=9930 and have your account info ready

  35. Jen

    Also got a message from Danielle telling me she’s calling about a notice on my account and told me rather firmly to call back “immediately” to phone #570-867-9930. This was on 1/29/18

  36. KL

    Just received a scam call from 856-246-5530 demanding that I return a call to 570-867-9930 immediately and have my account info ready.

    Not happening!

    Beware of these scammers.

  37. Lara

    We received a call today from a Jose who demanded payment or our electric would be turned off in a half hour, the number he gave us to call was 1-888-220-9991, which was indeed a PPL number. We did not pay him, but called the number and they had no record of contact on that account and our payments were in good standing.

  38. ZLO

    Received call from a Robin at AP&G asking to speak to ‘the building manager,’ and that apparently she had been trying to reach him for several days now. Left a call-back number of 800-210-9011 ext 1527, local number showed up as 216-531-7595. Also attempted to get info on other business locations, which any legit contractor would already have.

  39. Diane

    Received a call this morning from someone saying her name is Gina Hicks. Gave me her 800# with extension. Said she was calling from American Power & Gas to offer us a new rate and rebate. She had me look over the last bill from our power company and then said the lowest rate in our state (MD) was 6.99 and they could offer that rate. Said our current supply company is currently charging 8.20. Then she said we would get a rebate every year of 25% of the average electric supply cost for the year. I told her I was not comfortable with the call and I was very combative right off the get go because of the way the number comes up on our caller ID. While we were on the phone, I googled the number and it not once showed AP&G. I know how some of the scams work and I was very careful not to say the word YES during any of the conversation and I even pointed that out to her. Once she started playing the prerecorded message at the end, that supposedly just goes over everything she has told me, the very first thing was I HAD to say YES to confirm the name of the business….that’s when I stopped it all……she came back on the line and said you must answer the question. I told her I am NOT going to say the word you are trying to force me to say and she got really frustrated. I let her know that and then she supposedly had a supervisor that was walking by at the time who got on the phone. Told her my concerns and she started saying the same things the other girl was saying. Told her I was done and hung up. She called me back and I answered with ” I said all done”. They didn’t call back again after that. I wouldn’t suggest they try anything, not only were they recording me, but there’s a camera in my office that also recorded the entire event from my end, video and voice. Already saved the recording on my end.

  40. Heather A Wright

    I got an email for this today.

  41. Laura L Settles

    Received a call from a Tyneshia Lewis 1-800-210-9011. She asked for all of my information from PPL and stated that we had to buy power from another supplier, because PPL only handles the account portion. I didn’t trust her, but I was assured this was legit. After hanging up from her, I called the number and it stated American Power & Gas, so I believe it to be a true transaction. Until I came across the above. I think I have been scammed. I will report it to the Public Utility Commission and the police. I have already reported it to PPL. Is there anything else I should do, please e-mail me.

    • Kurt

      Laura: This does sound suspicious, as no one *has* to buy power from another supplier. If you have reported to the PUC, the police and PPL, that should be all you need to do.

  42. Jill

    Have been getting calls the last month from someone who says they need to talk to me about my PPL account b/c my agreement is ‘up.’ (Red Flag #1) It was from Easton, PA and the number was 484-546-4689. Not only did I tell them I could barely understand them (Red Flag #2), I also asked to speak to someone who spoke better English so I could understand what they were trying to tell me. It seems that I needed to ‘confirm’ my PPL account number and address info for them. (Red Flag #3) I told them to read it to me b/c I don’t give that info out. They said they were not permitted to. (Red Flag #4) I told them I don’t want whatever they were selling and DONT call me back; they kept yelling “Don’t hang up!” while I was disconnecting the call. They actually tried called me three more times throughout the day. Two weeks passed. It has started again. This time from Bath, PA and the number is 484-284-0616.

  43. Dee

    Received a voicemail today asking me to call about a PPL account. His name was Rick and asked me to call 1-800-210-9011 x 3423 but the caller ID was 717-207-7338. This was in reference to an address for an office we no longer have and haven’t had for years. I googled this and figured it was a scam and landed here so I am reporting it for others to see. I will not be calling and I will be notifying our staff about the details above also.

  44. Kristie Gerson

    I just received a call saying I qualified for a 15% discount since I always pay. He knew my address and name and wanted me to find my bill for my account number. First he called on 717-485-0557 and it showed up as “harrisburg” yet my recents in my phone show it as McConnelsburg pa. I hung up and he called back from 800-342-0557 and it showed Mechanicsburg but in my recents in my phone it says unknown. When I told him I get my bills emailed to me and i deleted them and couldnt find them in my trash he said he would talk to the supervisor to find out what to search on to find the bills in my trash and call me back. He just called me back from the first number and I did not answer. The disturbing thing is he knew my name and address from my phone number.

  45. P Ryder

    I am getting calls saying I am eligible for PPL discounts. I don’t pick them up but the phone numbers are no good and not local

  46. Tanya

    Got a call from a Nancy Brown on Tuesday from an 800 number but the message and left told me to call her back at a local (330 area code) number and to have my bill handy because she was looking it over and wanted to discuss my supplier chargers.

  47. Becky

    Received a call from 570-503-4085, Moscow, PA. The caller did not identify themselves until I asked and said they represent the Choice Program in PA. They wanted KWH info and some other things from our PPL bill. Got kind of aggressive and I ended up hanging up on him. Don’t give anyone any information off your bill. He claimed it was to get an additional discount and kept saying it wouldn’t impact any existing contract we had with anyone or our provider. That is a trick because PPL is always our provider, what would change is our SUPPLIER. I called 1-800-342-5775 and the PPL rep offered to add our name to the list which prevents any of our information from being distributed. Residential and business customers can do this.

  48. Janelle

    Just received a phone call at the company I work for. Samantha was looking for the owner about the past few invoices. She said she works for APNG.. Phone number was 1-800-210-9011

    • Emily

      We’ve been getting calls from Samantha at American Power and Gas for weeks now. She is rude and extremely pushy. She’s been told we don’t handle our utilities and therefore cannot have an account with her company but she continues to call and demand to speak to the owner and then to his assistant about a “meter read.” The number she leaves is 800-210-9011 ext 1483 but the number she calls from is 630-556-7123. I tried to call her back and the call didn’t go through. We’ve blocked the number.

  49. John J Banket

    Got a call from a Richard Bradley from American Power regarding my PPL electric bill and a new secured rate for my account and to call back to secure this new rate to my account Phone # given (717) 962-3161.

  50. D MAYES

    Received a recorded message claiming to be PPL from (800)506-8460 stating my service would be disconnected for past due bill. Called it, sounds exactly like the recording from PPL, demanded payment by credit card to avoid disconnect until matter is investigated. Hung up on us when we claimed he was a scammer.

  51. Karen

    Received a message from 717-609-8451. they want me to call back at 717-609-1425 regarding my PPL bill and have my account number handy. I suspect this is scam.

  52. Gaby

    I have PP&L’s phone number saved in my phone for when they call about power outages but I am not on the bill or the one who pays the bill. I just got an automated call that said it was PP&L on my caller ID and they were offering me a 15% discount if I paid my bill on time for 3 months straight. I don’t pay the bill so I hung up and found this info. Glad I didn’t press #1 for the discount!

  53. Jacqueline Brungard

    I received a phone call from a cell phone number 570-447-5740 telling me since we had not missed a payment in 90 days we were eligible for a new PPL rate. The gentleman was polite but very obviously foreign, as he sounded as if he was from India. When I pressed him as to what electric provider company he was from he told me the name was Royal Electric. Since I was sitting at my computer while this call was taking place, I start googling Royal Electric and , lo and behold, I could not find it. Zip, zero, nothing. When I told him I had never heard of this company before he hung up on me.

    • Joe

      You were right to question this call. Hard to determine if this was a scam or outreach from a legitimate electric supply company. We advise anyone looking to shop for their electric supply to do so through

  54. Oxnard Dayton

    I received a call from what appeared to be a local number. “Jeff” left a message that he’s from APG and to call him at 800-210-9011. There were a number of people talking in the background, noise such as you’d hear from a customer service call center. I did not return the call.

  55. Bob

    Scam Alert… Received call from 844-279-1888 saying it is PPL calling, and to call back immediately or power will be shut off.

  56. Fed Up

    Why can these calls not be stopped. How about passing laws that would send them to jail or better yet lets shoot them.

  57. B.A.D.

    Young Man just came to our door at 715pm saying he was so and so flashed a badge from around his neck. and flipped over a note book with a PPL bill on it .At that point I told him I would not talk to him and closed the door. He Shouted well good luck with those high Electric rates. don’t think it is on the up and up.
    Got caught once before and had our company changed without knowing it.

  58. Ann

    I rec’d a call late this afternoon (message left on the answering machine) with a very official message from PPL, mentioning my husband’s name – (he’s deceased.) They then said he needed to call back and gave a pin number. Then she also said the pin # was only good for 48 hrs. Ha……this is a Fri., so I suspected they did this on a wk-end, making it urgent before Mon. when you can’t call the REAL PPL to check, as the offices were already closed, so figured it as a SCAM.

    The number was 1-855-549-4726 — the PIN # was XXXX

    I’m sure many people immediately return the call, especially seniors. They really prey on us, as many aren’t aware of all the scams.

    Thank you for setting up this forum to help people realize. I’m not sure the police here will do anything, as I had problems a couple yrs. ago and they said there wasn’t anything they could do. 🙁

  59. Jessica

    Scam Alert…I Received call from 1800-659-6030 saying it is PPL calling, and to pay $550.00 immediately or power will be shut off within the next 30 min.

  60. Thomas Polzer

    I got a SCAM Call from PPL WRAP 18882326302 saying my power would be cut off PPL is full of crap saying it was a scam call I called the 18882326302 and it was from PPL WRAP I have the phone log number in my phone stop the crap and serve your customer base the proper way I have contacted the PUC to PPL Spells FRAUD

  61. Joe

    This is still going on. I received a call from a Desiree (sp?) at 800-210-9011. She then tried to transfer me to a supervisor after I started doubting the validity of the call. That supervisor tried to give me the same piece of information and tell me how I needed to change my supplier

  62. Ann

    It’s been awhile since I got one of these calls. For the past few days, I’ve now had at several calls; they used to say it was our ‘electric company’ but now are bodly representing themselves as PPL Electric Co. One call said they owed us a refund and now it’s saying this is an important message. They even had my deceased husband’s name in the recording. When I called PPL they said they can’t do anything. I’m certain many unsuspecting senior citizens are being taken by this. There must be SOME way to catch these criminals!
    Here is their message: This is an important message from PPL electric utilities co. Please contact us at 1-855-549-4726 and enter pin number 39329. This pin will expire in 48 hours. Thank you.

  63. Joyce

    I got a call today from Miss Carpenter who told me to call her back regarding supply charges on my PPL bill. She wanted me to have my PPL statement available and to call her at 484-722-3100. Needless to say I did not call her back. Not sure what this was about but I am sure it is not in my best interest.

  64. Concerned Consumer

    Businesses and consumers beware…’Pascal’ and ‘Holt’ claim to be with ‘American Power & Gas’. Calls came from 937.573.4284 and they left a call-back number of 800.210.9011. They’ve been told multiple times that our power is included with our rent, and yet they continue to call and harass our receptionist. When they can’t get to the person they want to speak to, they’ll say ‘That’s not what this is about’, trying to make their inquiry sound more official and/or to confuse the person answering the phone. It’s clearly a deception to obtain company intel and based on the conversation I overheard, they’re quite slick and slimy. Block their numbers!

  65. Heidilynn Orr

    Received a call from 1-800-672-2413 an automated call saying they are calling from Pennsylvania Power & Light and that a payment must be received in 30 minutes to prevent disconnection of power. The number they said to call was 1-800-464-7517.
    I did call and asked why I was receiving a disconnection notice when I am in Washington State. The person hung up the call. The person that answered had an East Indian accent. I called PPL main number to report this.
    Our number that was called is a government agency in Washington State so was concerned about this scam.

  66. LV

    I received a call from a local number (570-750-8418) yesterday at 5:33 pm EST. The person barely spoke English and from what I could make out, he said PPL overcharged me and that he would give me credit for the overcharge in the form of a check. All I had to do was get one of my bills and provide him with some info. I told him I’d call back and I hung up. I called PPL this morning and they confirmed it was a suspicious call. PPL already has my info and would not ask for it over the phone. As for the credit, they’d automatically credit me and would mail/email me with verification.

  67. Dennis

    Beware Everyone……My mother of 92 yrs. old has been getting calls from the PP&L to offer her a rebate check . Not one call but three so far and sounds like the same person over and over. She wants your account number first and always talks with a broken accent so you can’t really grasp what she is saying…..called PP&L and they have no history of calling her nor do they send rebate checks……..many boiler room operations right now with big scam call centers going on……just hang up the phone and call PP&L if your not sure or any utility company for that fact….even the banks…..everybody needs money and they will scam you any which way if you let your guard down…pay attention to the caller and call your company to verify the call….don’t give out any account numbers or personal info….good luck

    • Kathryn

      Good Afternoon Dennis, We appreciate you sharing your story and providing excellent advice. Please take care & stay safe!

  68. TAI

    Received recorded message (obvious AI voice) from 717-342-5775 (displayed by caller ID as spam? wireless) at approx 2 PM on 6/27 stating my power was to be shut off within the next 30 minutes and to press 1 to speak with a rep. I did not answer the call but let it go to answering system.
    Knowing that number is not for PPL and that current corona-virus issues are not allowing for residential shut offs (even IF my bill was in arrears) I knew the message was likely another supplier scam.
    I was a customer service rep for PPL and KNOW FOR SURE such a call would not have been made under any circumstance. Just want to let others be aware of the latest attempts.

    • Kathryn

      Good Afternoon, We appreciate you sharing your experience to let others be aware of the latest scam tactics. Please continue to stay safe!

  69. West Auckland Electrician

    Hey thanks for posting this useful article here, I really hope it will be helpful to many. You indeed have written it in a layman way so that anyone can understand and work accordingly. You have done a great job. Appreciative content!! Found an another website it has lots of valuable information for everyone

  70. Marie Tennant

    I just got a robo call saying that I was overcharged from a third-party company and that I “would be receiving a 30% rebate on my electric AND gas bill. Please press 1 to get your rebate.” Without thinking I pressed 1. Usually I’m very suspicious about this kind of call but for some reason I acted too quickly this time. Is this a scam? And, should I do something to prevent them from accessing any personal information?

    • Kathryn

      Good Afternoon Marie,
      Please contact our Customer Service team weekdays 8am-5pm @ 1-800-342-5775 to review your account for the supplier information and discuss privacy release for your account. You might also consider adding your phone number to the Government Do Not Call List” @ Thank you!

  71. S Morales

    Received a call from the same number PP&L has. The person started speaking with a foreign accent. He said because of COVID PP&L was giving me a 30% discount and $50 a minth for the next 26 months to spend as I wish. I gave him a few choice words and hung up.

  72. Donna

    I just received a voice message from “Meridith” (phone #801317470980128) with PPL, saying she would like to discuss my recent payment. She left a a return #4843809833.

  73. Christchurch Electrician

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