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Jul 2, 2018 | Customer Service | 8 comments

New two-way texting: An easy way to take care of business

You asked for more convenience. We’re delivering with new two-way texting. It makes doing business with PPL faster and easier than ever!

Paying your bill or reporting an outage is now as simple as sending a text message. You can also use two-way texting to find out when your bill is due and how much you owe, or to check the status of a current outage.

It’s easy to get started. Here’s how:

1. Text any of the following commands – PAY, BALANCE, OUTAGE or STATUS – to TXTPPL (898-775).
2. Answer a few questions to verify your PPL customer account. You will need your zip code and/or account number.   If you don’t have a mobile number on your account, you’ll need to add the mobile number you want to use first as the primary or alternate number. To do this, visit Click Add Phone and save the changes.

To pay your bill, you must have a bank account on file. If you’ve ever paid through PPL’s website or interactive phone system, you should be good to go.  If not, you’ll first need to make a payment on our website or phone system. We’ll securely save your bank info for text payments.

Once you’re set up, you can text PAY, BALANCE, OUTAGE or STATUS to TXTPPL (898-775) to pay your bill, check your balance, report an outage, or check the status of an outage.

You can also text SLEEP, to delay any new texts for eight hours, or STOP, to stop all future text messages from PPL.

We’re committed to making it as easy and convenient as possible to work with us. We hope you like our newest service.


  1. Ryan Wright

    I accidentally stopped the text to pay my ppl bill option. Please reinstate this feature.


    Ryan Wright

    • Kathryn

      Good Morning Ryan, You can pay your bill by texting the word PAY to 898775. You can also manage your alerts under Thanks for checking with us!

  2. dalene wentz

    i paid my balance april 15,2022 and your text shows i didnt paywhy?

    • Kathryn

      Good Morning Darlene, Please call us weekdays 8am-5pm so we can review your balance at 1-800-342-5775 and provide direction for text updates. Thank you!

  3. Denise

    Is it possible to speak with a living, breathing person? I’ve been on hold now way over the approximated time (over 30 minutes) just to ask a very simple question for verification. Customer Service needs to be MUCH BETTER than this.

    A live chat would also be helpful!

    • Kathryn

      Good Morning Denise, We are sorry to hear of your frustration. Another option to address your concern is to private message or direct message us at We are happy to assist you on social media. Thank you!


    this is the third month in a row i can’t pay my bill online I have to call ppl to make a payment why.

    • Kathryn

      Good Afternoon Lynn, We would like to assist you with access to pay your bill online. Please call us weekdays 8am-5pm at 1-800-342-5775 (say Web Team) or reach out to us on social media (private) with your account address/concern under so we can resolve this issue. Thank you!


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