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Dec 17, 2018 | Safety and Security | 0 comments

Looking out for the safety of others

If there’s one thing PPL Electric Utilities employee Jeffrey Barton doesn’t have, it’s a walk-by attitude.

If he sees a hazardous condition or something potentially unsafe, he’s going to say something about it.

That safety mindset may have saved a life.

Barton, an 11-year PPL employee, is being credited with preventing potentially serious injuries when he identified an unsafe situation at the scene of November house fire in Northampton County.

After removing an electric meter from the house as directed by the fire chief, Barton heard what he thought to be the humming sound of a generator. Unsure if it was a generator being used by firefighters or one tied into the house where the fire was burning, Barton did some digging.

He determined there was a whole-house generator that had kicked on, so he quickly found the fire chief and made him aware that the house still had power.

Barton then worked with the firefighters to turn off the fuel source for the generator and turn off the generator itself.

“The firefighters were grateful,” said Barton, who is based at the Lehigh Service Center. “Having a don’t-walk-by attitude paid off.”

Brian Matweecha, manager-Safety Operations, praised Barton for his efforts that day.

“This was a great catch,” Matweecha said. “What Jeffrey did may very well have saved a fireman’s life. He set a great example for all of us to have a questioning attitude and to look out for the safety of others.”




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