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May 18, 2020 | Environment | 0 comments

World Bee Day

Why pollinators matter to PPL Electric Utilities

Caring about the environment means more than just following rules and regulations.

It’s about doing more because you want to do more.

That’s why something like World Bee Day matters to us at PPL.

Right now, we’re working to come up with a program to grow pollinator-attracting plants on our own properties, as well as being able to offer pollinator seed mix to property owners when we’re restoring land after a construction project.

Pollination by bees, butterflies and other animals help produce 75 percent of the world’s food according to the World Economic Forum. However, declines in bee populations in several places, including North America, have scientists concerned.

In addition to pollinators, we’re engaged in other initiatives designed to improve the world around us. Our Community Roots program has provided more than 105,000 free trees to conservation organizations. We’ve also installed nesting platforms for ospreys across our service territory to help them stay away from power lines and ensure reliable service for our customers.

For more about our environmental activities, visit pplelectric.com/environment.


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