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May 13, 2021 | Safety and Security | 12 comments

Keep our crews safe

Please don’t post on utility poles

With the weather warming up, yard sale season is fast approaching, and advertisers are also in search of outdoor space to help spread their message. It’s important to remember that utility poles are off-limits. Attaching signs, advertisements, flyers and other materials to utility poles can cause potentially serious safety problems.

What makes posting on utility poles unsafe? Items are typically attached with nails or staples, which can injure line workers who may have to climb the pole to make a repair. They also can puncture critical safety gear, like rubber gloves and sleeves. Even a tiny hole in this protective equipment can present a serious and potentially deadly threat.

Posting on utility poles is also illegal. State law makes it a summary offense to drive a nail or tack, or attach any metal or hard substance, into an electric utility pole.

We’re asking for your help. If you’ve placed something on one of our wooden poles, please take it down and keep our crews’ safety in mind. Thank you!


  1. Eric

    People post things all the time on poles here in the city & nothing being done about it

    • Sue

      Hi, Eric. Thanks for reading this post and taking the time to comment. The best thing we can do is to help spread the word that posting on poles is not only dangerous for our crews, but also illegal.

      • Dalton Savidge

        I worked for PPL FOR 40 years. At one time one of my assigned duties was to contact people who posted signs on poles? I feel someone in each area should again be assigned this responsibility. I know of two lineman who “cut out” and fell when climbing poles.

  2. Patricia Delaney

    People at 47 Northrup Rd Dalton 18414 have had large flags hanging from 2 of your poles for 8 months now and nothing has been done

    • Kathryn

      Good Afternoon Patricia, You do not reference if you reported this already. Please call our Customer Service Team weekdays between 8am-5pm @ 1-800-342-5775 (say Service Department) with our 10 digit pole number to get this reported. Thank you!

    • Mike

      And… probably trump flags. Like their idol the tRumpers don’t think laws apply to them!!! There is one of those flags on a utility pole near my home. I keep saying I am going to cut it down. Your comment prompts me to cut it down once and for all!!’

  3. cindy

    I have a neigbor who put a american flag on a telephone pole located on the trail in slatington. this is the second time he put one up, is this illegal too?

    • Kathryn

      Good Afternoon Cindy, We are happy to assist you but need to confirm this (telephone pole) is a PPL pole. Please find our 10-digit pole number located at eye level then call our Customer Service Team to report this weekdays between 8am-5pm @ 1-800-342-5775 (Say Service Department.) Thank you

  4. Karen Posten

    I’m just wondering, are there safety issues for linemen if people use duct tape instead of staples or nails. I ask because I’ve informed people before of the illegality of posting and the harm to lineman but they respond “well I’m using tape.”

    • Kathryn

      Good Morning Karen, Posting on utility poles is illegal. State law makes it a summary offense to drive a nail, tack or any metal into an electric utility pole. Duct tape does not fall into these categories that would cause damage however, it still preferred that people do not post to our poles. You can also report post you see on our poles to our Customer Service Team @ 1-800-342-5775. Please have our 10 digit pole number to provide. Thank you!

  5. Retired lineman

    I was a lineman in Allentown area for many years. This talk about staples in poles for signage and flags is a waste of your time and PPLs. If it’s a pole that’s on a street a bucket truck can reach the flag and remove it “ if “ he has work to do on that pole. No one other than land owners posting private property will have signage in the woods. That’s when we have to climb on an “ inaccessible “ pole. Also anyone can complain to the company and a work order can be generated, but don’t hold your breath as it will fall to the bottom of the priority list.

  6. steve

    Do you have a sign to put on pole that read posting signs prohibited ?


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