With the weather warming up, yard sale season is fast approaching, and advertisers are also in search of outdoor space to help spread their message. It’s important to remember that utility poles are off-limits. Attaching signs, advertisements, flyers and other materials to utility poles can cause potentially serious safety problems.

What makes posting on utility poles unsafe? Items are typically attached with nails or staples, which can injure line workers who may have to climb the pole to make a repair. They also can puncture critical safety gear, like rubber gloves and sleeves. Even a tiny hole in this protective equipment can present a serious and potentially deadly threat.

Posting on utility poles is also illegal. State law makes it a summary offense to drive a nail or tack, or attach any metal or hard substance, into an electric utility pole.

We’re asking for your help. If you’ve placed something on one of our wooden poles, please take it down and keep our crews’ safety in mind. Thank you!