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Jun 24, 2021 | Customer Service | 0 comments

It’s moving season

Follow these tips to transfer your service without a hitch

Summer is moving season in Pennsylvania. Whether you’re helping your child move into a new college house, trading your home for an apartment downtown, or building a house for your growing family, we have tips to make transferring your electric service simple.

1. Ask your realtor or landlord for the meter number at your new residence so there’s no confusion about the address.

2. Confirm with prior tenants or homeowners when they are planning to request to stop service in their names. Then you can request the same date to prevent a gap in service.

3. Decide which of the following requests works best for your family:

  • Start service: You can start service at any address within our territory without stopping service at another property.
  • Stop service: Moving out of the area? You can simply stop your existing service and we’ll send you a final bill.
  • Transfer service: Stop service at your existing property and start service at a new home with just a few clicks.

4. Visit up to 40 days before you move to process a request to start, stop or transfer your electric service.

New! If someone requests to start service at your existing address, you may receive a text or email from us to confirm. If you’re moving, there’s no need to take action. If the change was requested in error, let us know so we can prevent a new customer from starting service at the wrong address.

Moving requests only take a few minutes on our website, so there’s no need to wait. Cross this off your moving to-do list and get back to packing!


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