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Safety is everyone’s responsibility, meow and furever

Curiosity saved the cat
Safety is a core value for us at PPL. Because of that, we have many procedures in place to keep employees safe on the job. One particular safety procedure, referred to as “circle for safety,” requires that employees check the surroundings of their company vehicle before getting in and driving away.

Recently, one of our dedicated lineworkers, Joe Keeney Jr., prevented the loss of an animal’s life by circling his work vehicle for safety.

It all started with an unidentified noise…

Joe heard a strange sound coming from his vehicle and couldn’t figure out what it was. He saw nothing unsafe or unusual, but as he stepped back and paused, he heard the noise again. However, he was still unable to locate where the strange sound was coming from.

He enlisted the help of a coworker to see if there was something he missed. As the two examined the vehicle, they heard the noise again, but this time they identified the source.

As it turns out, Joe’s work truck had picked up a furry hitchhiker. A small kitten crawled underneath the truck and up onto the drive shaft to stay warm.

kitten in backyard

And boy was this kitten a cute one! For those wondering, Joe and his wife, Laura, adopted the kitten and named it Kilowatt.

We’re so proud of Joe for his questioning attitude, safety mindset, and vigilance, which ultimately saved Kilowatt’s life.






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