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Aug 19, 2021 | Safety and Security | 0 comments

5 Tips for Back to School Safety

Tips for a safe school year

Students are heading back to school in a few short weeks. And in some school districts, this is the first time students have hopped on a school bus or been in a physical classroom in almost 18 months!

One thing is for sure – we can all use a refresher on back-to-school safety.

Whether your little ones are starting school for the first time or teenagers are embarking on their high school journey, these simple tips will help you keep them safe all throughout the year:

  1. Choose a backpack carefully and encourage children to wear both straps so the weight of all their books and school supplies are evenly distributed.
  1. If your children walk to school, remind them to walk on the sidewalk. If there are no sidewalks, they should walk facing traffic.
  1. Driving? Make sure to obey school zone speed limits and follow your school’s drop-off policy.
  1. Be alert for pedestrians and students crossing the street, especially before sunrise.
  1. Encounter a bus on your commute? Stay at least 10 feet away from any school bus that’s stopped with its stop sign extended and red lights flashing. Do not proceed until the stop arm is withdrawn, lights stop flashing and students are all safe.

For more safety tips, visit the National Safety Council.

Have a great school year!


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