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Sep 2, 2022 | Reliability | 10 comments

Keeping our customers safe and the lights on in Harrisburg

Crews removed a massive 80-year-old tree that had become entangled in power lines.

It took a lot of strategic planning, hard work and the use of a 100-ton crane, but residents on one city block in Harrisburg can rest easier now that a huge tree that had become a safety hazard is gone.Equipment ready to cut down a massive tree

We partnered with the City of Harrisburg and tree-removal experts to safely remove the gargantuan Elm, with roots spanning multiple properties and branches entangled in our power lines.

Once customers began calling with safety concerns, we knew we had to act before the tree caused an electrical fire or outages—or fell and hurt someone or damaged property.

“Tree maintenance on private property generally isn’t our responsibility,” said Regional Affairs Director Maggie Sheely. “But, when it comes to safety, we don’t compromise. We step up to do the right thing and keep our customers safe.”

Equipped with bucket trucks and generators, our crews were on site for four days, untangling the large tree from our lines with precision.

It was a TREE-mendous effort by all that created a safer environment and ensured more reliable service for some Harrisburg residents.


  1. Asia Pecora

    Please tell
    Me you planted a tree too!!

  2. Leonard E Navitsky

    Last week, the tree trimming crew from Asplundh led by Will Rodgers did a very competent job of trimming the branches near the distribution line on my property at 3301 Cherokee Street in Emmaus and cleanup on completion.

  3. Diana D Moyer

    That’s amazing that ppl stepped up to help out everyone that was in need .. Great job everyone!!

  4. Moraima Rivera-Malave

    We are currently concerned about our neighbors tree. This tree look like its old and not live. Our concern is that there are power lines really close to it and also a power box on that pole in front of our house. Can this be looked at and be removed if necessary.

  5. Joe Boyle

    Bravo Zulu (BZ) – Well done!

    Best wishes, and thanks to everyone involved in this effort!

  6. Jose gonzalez

    Hi I live in Scranton PA my neighbor can’t afford to cut the trees that are very big and all over my side of the yard and the branches are big that fall down and break when the weathers out and my son is only 5 1/2 years old with a scooter in the yard and the tree branch just missed him he could’ve killed him so now I’m trying to keep my son if I’m going that far to the yard because I can’t have my son getting killed over her branches but she is willing for them to cut it but she can’t afford it and I needed to be removed and done for my property I don’t want to lose my son over something stupid as that I’m on SSI and I have PPL electric company my name is jose gonzalez I’m on the program went on track as well so I think I should be outta trouble to have the services that you provide in Harrisburg PA

  7. Jane Foster

    Five stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for PPL and it’s employees!

  8. Roxanne Queen

    Did anyone plant a more reasonable tree ?
    A Japanese maple, 30 foot at full height.

  9. Jorge

    That’s why you have increased the bill on all pa, because you cut a few trees on Harrisburg. Yet right. And when we called not tree,three hours waiting and nobody answered.

    • Kathryn

      Good Morning Jorge, If possible, please provide the location (address with street names or routes) of any trees on our wires on our Blog with the closest 10-digit pole number. We will forward any tree trim request to our Forestry Team. Thank you!


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