Construction workers, law enforcement and firefighters can be around power lines more than most of us.

They may work with digging equipment and cranes, respond to vehicle accidents involving downed wires, and fight building fires. A wide variety of situations can bring them close to power lines. To help them stay safe around electricity, we offer free information kits to assist them in becoming more informed about the potential dangers around them.

The kits for our Worker Beware and First Responder Beware programs include a video, booklets, slide shows and trainer guides so whole groups can become better educated together.

Each year, we send out thousands of fliers to contractors and first responder groups to let them know about our program. But waiting for a mailing isn’t the only way to get great safety information. Our safety website has links where the free kits can be ordered.

We care about the safety of all those who live and work in our service territory. Maybe a free information kit is just what your group needs to help everyone work safer.