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Mar 30, 2017 | Safety and Security | 9 comments

Nightlight Safety Alert

Note: This post was updated April 7 with additional information.

We’ve learned about possible problems with nightlights that were distributed in energy efficiency kits and shared in schools.

We are aware that some of these nightlights may get hot or smoke when plugged in. As a result of the potential risk of fire or shock from these nightlights, we are taking immediate steps to notify people who received them to unplug and not use the nightlights.

We are only aware of issues with nightlights that were distributed since June 2016 that are similar in design to the one pictured. We are not aware of any concerns with nightlights distributed prior to that time.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has also been notified about this matter.

If you or your child received a nightlight since June 2016, unplug and stop using the nightlight immediately. Customers who received these nightlights will soon be receiving instructions as to what to do with them. Under no circumstances should you use them or provide them to others.

Your safety is important to us.

To see a list of schools that received the lights, click here:  ppl-eemis-2017-03-21-01-03_school-addresses-1.xlsx

Anyone who received a nightlight from PPL can call Ecova, the energy-efficiency contractor that distributed the lights for PPL, at 1-877-486-9204 with any questions.


  1. Marion Durfee

    I received 3 night lights, however, they don’t look like the ones shown in the picture. They have an arch shape glass top above the plug in section. Are they OK?

    • Kurt

      Marion: We are only aware of concerns with nightlights of the general design shown in the photo, not of the type you describe. Thanks!

  2. Kristen

    Are they nightlights that were only distributed this year? I have 2 that I’ve been using for years and have had no issues. Also, my kids got them from Catasauqua School District and I do not see Catasauqua on the list of schools in your link.

    • Kurt

      Kristen: We’re only aware of concerns with nightlights that were distributed since June of 2016.
      We’ll share your info about Catasauqua with the team working on this. It’s possible that Catasauqua hasn’t received any kits during the current school year, but we’ll check. Thanks!

  3. Tina

    My son received one this school year in his pack from a school listed, but it’s arched at the top and flat at the bottom. Do you have any numbers that were on the back of the nightlight that can be checked? For instance, ours says E307003 HM-50 in between the UL circles. We have had ours plugged in since he got it months ago with no issues, but I don’t want to take chances so we unplugged it.

    • Kurt

      Tina: We don’t have a specific model number or numbers. If yours is of the same *type* shown in the photo (i.e., it has one of those glowing “screens”), it’s the type we’re concerned about, even if the shape or dimensions of the “screen” are slightly different. Thanks for doing the safe thing and unplugging it.

  4. Dave

    I received my night lite after June of 16 but it looks nothing like the one shown. Its just a flat screen arched at the top and flat across the bottom with no receptacle on it at all. Only reason I’m concerned is because of receiving it after June of 2016.

  5. Tim

    I received the energy kit in 03/2017 and plugged the nightlight in and it sparked and began to burn. DO NOT use these lights for any reason. My product number is E307003 No. 169813856.

  6. Ana Jinet

    I received the kit that were given in October2016 in my daughter school. I unplugged the nightlight already. One Question something wrong with the lightbulb or is safe to use them?


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