Thinking about promoting your yard sale, band concert, or campaign for township supervisor by posting signs on utility poles?

Please don’t.

Posting signs or posters on utility poles is unsafe and, in many cases, illegal. Our line workers can be injured if their climbing hooks strike a nail, tack or staple that has been hammered into a pole. The fasteners also could tear the rubber equipment our workers wear to protect against electrical shock.

Section 6905 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code makes it a summary offense to drive a nail or tack into a utility pole. (Don’t believe us? You can read it here.)

Even if the posters are affixed with tape or string, they can still cause problems. The signs can hide identifying markers on poles, slowing our efforts to locate the source of trouble in the event of a power outage.

In addition, many communities have laws prohibiting the posting of signs or posters on poles by any means. (Some communities are cracking down on these postings, as seen in this WBRE/WYOU news story from November 2017.)

We know our poles appear to be a high-visibility place to post messages. But when you do that, you’re putting our workers at risk, and most likely breaking the law. So, again, please don’t.

Our line workers thank you.