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Dec 21, 2020 | Reliability | 9 comments

Reliable service through innovation & invention

Industry leading innovations keep our grid reliable

Reliability means you can be confident that when you flip the switch, your lights will come on.

It means that if a storm knocks out your power, our smart grid will react to limit the size of the affected area and reroute power to get your lights back on quickly while we make repairs. Sometimes that outage will be so short you won’t even realize it happened.

We pride ourselves on the reliability of our power grid – a grid with millions of parts serving a land area larger than New Jersey. But that reliability doesn’t happen by accident.

It’s the result of constant investment, innovation, and invention.

Here’s a peek at a couple of industry leading innovations that are keeping our grid reliable for you.

We recently received patents for innovations designed to increase reliability. The purpose of our patents – to benefit our customers – is what makes us most proud.

One of our patents was for work that allowed older grid equipment to help reroute power and keep the lights on in the early days of our smart grid rollout.

We continue to replace this older equipment, and the system developed continues to boost reliability.

Another patent is for a device that increases the lifespan of our poles by allowing other attachments, like phone and cable wires, to be attached without drilling nearly as many holes in the pole. That helps poles last longer.

We’re always looking for innovative ways to improve your service at the right cost. That’s PPL value.


  1. Carl W. Coleman

    I’m a wreck – old website SO-O-O-O-O MUCH Better & easy to comprehend !!!!!

    Got on twice, and still couldn’t find what I wanted !!!

    And how ’bout saving Username & Password?????

    Carl W. Coleman
    1993 Mack Blvd, Ste. #2
    Allentown, PA, 18103-8531

    • Kathryn

      Good Morning Carl, We appreciate your feedback as we work to perfect our new website. If we can assist in any way, we have a Web Team available weekdays 8am -5pm @ 1-800-342-5775 option 4 that can assist navigating on our new site. Thank you for reaching out to us!

      • Barbara morrone

        How can i go about as dding other accounts in my name?
        And how do i access number of KW being used per day/ hour, etc?

        • Kathryn

          Good Evening Barbara, To start service in your name, please click on Select START SERVICE, then fill in all the necessary information until you receive a confirmation page at the end. You can also call to speak to a Representative to assist starting service at 1-800-342-5775 weekdays 8am-5pm. To access the number of kwh being used per day & hour, please go to We appreciate you reaching out to us!

  2. Luis Galván

    I need an energy contract to my home
    My adress is 45 Marcy CT HANOVER PA, 18706

    • Kathryn

      Good Evening Luis, There are two levels of home energy assessments available. The Survey Package is a walk-through of home, tips to improve energy efficiency and installation of free energy-saving items. The other is an Audit Package which is a comprehensive diagnostic home audit including air leakage and air quality tests, and installation of free energy-saving items offered in the Survey Package. Please click on the link to read more about these home energy assessments and their cost under To learn more about the energy use in your home, check out our free Online Energy Assessment. This assessment will provide you with energy-saving recommendations and offers that are personalized for your home. You can even receive a free energy efficiency kit! Thank you for checking with us!

  3. Donna Solomon

    I like the new web site it gives a lot more information easy to get the information.

  4. Karen Posten

    I’m with you Carl. This is the second time I’ve paid my bill on the NEW website and each time it’s not accepting my payment, now it looks like I didn’t pay it on time even though I did. I “relied” on the website and forgot to go back and check it it registered my payment, after reading Carl’s comment I just checked and IT DID NOT!.

    • Kathryn

      Good Afternoon Karen, We are sorry to hear you are experiencing a problem paying your bill on our website and would like to resolve this for you. Customers pay their bills everyday on our website with no issues. Please private message (Facebook) or direct message (Twitter) with your address and phone number at We will review your account to address the cause of this issue so you can easily pay online again. Thank you!


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