Reliability means you can be confident that when you flip the switch, your lights will come on.

It means that if a storm knocks out your power, our smart grid will react to limit the size of the affected area and reroute power to get your lights back on quickly while we make repairs. Sometimes that outage will be so short you won’t even realize it happened.

We pride ourselves on the reliability of our power grid – a grid with millions of parts serving a land area larger than New Jersey. But that reliability doesn’t happen by accident.

It’s the result of constant investment, innovation, and invention.

Here’s a peek at a couple of industry leading innovations that are keeping our grid reliable for you.

We recently received patents for innovations designed to increase reliability. The purpose of our patents – to benefit our customers – is what makes us most proud.

One of our patents was for work that allowed older grid equipment to help reroute power and keep the lights on in the early days of our smart grid rollout.

We continue to replace this older equipment, and the system developed continues to boost reliability.

Another patent is for a device that increases the lifespan of our poles by allowing other attachments, like phone and cable wires, to be attached without drilling nearly as many holes in the pole. That helps poles last longer.

We’re always looking for innovative ways to improve your service at the right cost. That’s PPL value.