We’re committed to investing in innovative solutions to deliver safe, reliable and affordable energy services to our customers.

Here’s the latest example:

We began piloting Dynamic Line Rating technology to get real-time information on conditions that affect transmission line performance – like wind speed and line temperature. We can use this information to increase the amount of electricity that is delivered over existing lines. This helps us make the most out of our current lines and more precisely identify when lines need to be replaced, which keeps rates affordable for customers.

We recently installed sensors on our Juniata-Cumberland and Harwood-Susquehanna 230kV lines, and we’re actively working on our next installations.

“We are leading the way in our operating region with this technology, and I couldn’t be more excited about how we are using it to improve reliability and decrease cost,” said senior engineer Eric Rosenberger.

Stay tuned for updates on our use of Dynamic Line Rating technology and other innovative investments so we can continue delivering safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions for you.