Mike Bezick’s day-to-day routine as a journeyman, doesn’t normally include helping a stranded customer. But one cold day this winter, that’s exactly what he did.

As Mike drove back to our Lehigh Service Center during a fresh snowstorm, he discovered a vehicle that slid off the roadway into a tree. Mike stopped to see how he could help.

After assessing the situation, he confirmed the driver was conscious but recognized he could not exit his vehicle. The tree was blocking the drivers’ door. Mike, concerned for his safety, immediately called 911 to report the accident. Then he stayed with the driver, keeping him calm, until the emergency responders arrived.

Our employees are always willing to offer a helping hand, whether that means volunteering in their local communities, or stopping at the scene of an accident. Mike embodies our corporate values. And we’re proud of the courage and kindness he displayed as he helped a customer in need.