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Mar 30, 2021 | Environment | 0 comments

Tree Planting and Care

Tips for safe and successful tree planting

Spring is upon us. And what better way to show our love of the environment than planting a tree? There’s just something about watching a tree adapt to all four seasons and grow right before our eyes. But before we get caught up in the beauty of nature, we must do a bit of research and take safety precautions before we pull out the shovels and start digging.

Here are a few tips for safe and successful tree prep and planting:

Keep tree roots in a cool place until ready to plant. Add water to moisten the roots, as needed.

Location, location, location – plan the spacing and location of your tree. And make sure it’s far away from any PPL power lines. If a tree is planted near power lines, eventually it may need to be trimmed or removed to keep your power reliable and the grid safe.

Call 811 before you dig! Know what’s below. It’s important to call 811 at least 3 business days before your project to avoid digging into any underground utility lines.

Consider using mulch (shredded bark or wood chips), around your tree to prevent damage to its roots.

For more information and a comprehensive guide to selecting, planting and caring for a new tree, visit www.arborday.org


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