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Aug 15, 2021 | Storms and Outages | 8 comments

Reimbursement for ice and water

How to get reimbursed

Customers who have been without power for 24 hours or more as a result of storms can now purchase ice and water from any local vendor and send us the receipts. If you send us your receipts, we’ll credit your account.

Each customer can purchase a maximum of three 10-pound bags of ice and three gallons of water per day.

Additional purchases will not be eligible for an account credit.

Please mail your receipts to:

PPL Electric Utilities

Attn: Ice and Water

827 Hausman Road

Allentown PA 18104

And don’t forget to include your account number.


  1. John Miller

    What about cost for propane for a generator

  2. Scott Gerhart

    I would like to get an “outage history” for our account.
    If possible to go back 2 years with dates and duration of outages.

    • Kathryn

      Good Afternoon Scott, Please call our Service Team at 1-866-220-6016 weekdays 8am-5pm. Our system has the ability to provide outage history for an active customer account for a two year duration. Thank you!

  3. Wenely Delgado

    What about compensation for groceries? We did our shopping Monday and had to throw out fish and meat due to it melting in the freezer. Everyone knows how expensive groceries are now. So I don’t think compensation for just water and ice is enough, or fair.

  4. Rodrigo Schilling

    How about the hundreds of dollars worth of food that now I’m going to dump in the garbage

  5. Diane

    Interesting cause when I called I was told no reimbursement and tossed away receipts for three days of ice and water purchased with cash. Train your customer service reps!

  6. Kole young

    Yea what about compensation for food that goes bad cuz we got no power for days?

    • Jordan Trafka

      Your insurance company will reimburse you!


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