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October is National Energy Awareness Month. Let’s celebrate what you’ve helped achieve!

Your Daily Choices Have Added Up to Make an Incredible Impact.

October is National Energy Awareness Month

Since 2009, our customers have saved 4,026,933,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity. To put that into perspective, that’s the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent of:

  • Removing 620,000+ passenger vehicles from the road for an entire year
  • Charging 347,145,834,418 smartphones
  • Operating 594 wind turbines for a year
  • 970,686 tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled
  • 343,666 homes’ energy use in a year
 The Difference Customers Like You Have Made  

For the past 12 years, our customers have cut electricity usage by over 4 billion kWh by participating in our energy efficiency programs—that’s savings of more than $403 million in energy costs. Wow! Check out these big stats worth celebrating:

  • 24,000,000+ energy-efficient light bulbs were purchased
  • 143,000+ appliances were properly recycled
  • 71,000+ energy-efficient devices and appliances were installed in local businesses

Energy Efficiency Means Peace of Mind

Taking the time to make the right decisions about your home’s appliances, air quality, and heating and cooling systems goes a long way. When your home is more energy efficient, it means you’re in control of your costs and your comfort. Whether you’re upgrading to ENERGY STAR® certified appliances or being mindful of your day-to-day acts, like shutting off lights, it all adds up—benefiting your family’s comfort, your savings, and the planet.

Celebrate With an Energy-Efficient Rebate

When it comes to major home endeavors like insulation or upgrades to heating and cooling systems, you can save hundreds with our rebates and incentives. In addition, Pennsylvania offers residents financial incentives and tax credits on upgrading your home’s energy efficiency.

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